Here’s to a New Year

Lovers kissing, people dancing, resolutions through the champagne. 

Countdown, three, two, one, ball drops, a new year just begin.


Do I have any resolutions this year? Sure I do.

Will I keep them? I hope so.

Losing weight and getting back into yoga is one of the minor resolutions. However, I can continue working on weight and flexibility as I Jon hunt, pay fines, and get my driver’s license back.

There’s probably a lot more I could resolve to do this year, but keeping it simple means less stress. For me, too much stress will cause me to fail or give up.

Little changes throughout the year, I will be writing them down. I’ll also have a post of reflections from the past year. 

I intend to write more, begin submitting my poetry on a more serious level and I am trying to begin freelance writing. 

Feel free to share your resolutions in the comments. Any advice on beginning as a freelance writer is appreciated as well.



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