It Was Fun

Riding around, top down, under the sun.

Your smile, your style, you could have been the one.

It wasn’t love but it was fun.

Laughter fades, sunlight turns to rain, look what we’ve become.

Driving away, leaving me behind, it can’t be undone.

Looking back now, I see clearly somehow.

It wasn’t love but it was fun.


Written by: Donetta Sifford for Yeah Write 305


4 responses

  1. rubybastille

    Very poignant – the fragmented phrasing works well. I don’t think I’d be able to call it “fun” if I got left behind in the rain!

  2. I like how you expressed the passage of time here, Donetta.

  3. I really liked the opening line. I imagined a classic convertible with the gal in a kerchief and big sunglasses.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I like the image you got.

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