My poem “Resurrection Party” published in Tinderbox Poetry Journal

I’ve been following this blog for some time now. It’s an amazing place to learn about poetry magazines that accept fee-free submissions as well as magazines that pay for submissions they publish. So, I was excited to read and hear this piece. It was wonderful and about something very personal.

Trish Hopkinson

My poem “Resurrection Party” is a poem of recovery. It’s so important to me that this personal poem is out in the world. Many of you who know me know that two years ago my son (21 at the time) was in a horrible accident in which he was hit on his bicycle by someone in a pickup truck in downtown Salt Lake City. He nearly lost his life. Recovery was difficult, but he made it through and I’m grateful every day that he’s still here with us. It took me a long time to begin writing about the incident, even now, the writing and processing continues.

I cannot thank the staff at Tinderbox enough for their careful handling and for creating such a beautiful collection of poems for this special contest issue. Also important to note, Tinderbox includes sound recordings of the poets reading their poems . . …

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