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The ache that settled in

his kneecaps, forgotten.

His artist hands steadily

captured his prophetic

dreams that transitioned

into nightmares, depending

on the happy hour drink

served at some low-class bar.

Tequila brought visions

of the Messiah opening

arms wide to welcome

a drunkard home, forgiven.

Jack Daniels filled his sleeping

mind with childhood, a sister.

He ignored people gathering

around him on the sidewalk.

Money tossed in a western hat

would buy more bourbon, warm

sheets for a night in a cold motel.

It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate

contributions from admirers.

His focus was to put his thoughts

on paper, rid his head of noise.

Written for Yeah Write Challenge # 409 

7 thoughts on “Street Artist

  1. Thank you all for your replies. The line breaks at some parts definitely needed to be worked on. I appreciate your feedback.

  2. The structure of this carried its grittiness well. Most of the line breaks worked really well – the first two lines were perfect. Together and separately, they conveyed similar meaning and it really gave the piece depth.

  3. I liked your experiments with enjambment throughout this piece. How “warm” describes the bourbon at first. How “prophetic” creates a bit of a cliffhanger before we read “dreams.” I wasn’t sure how to read “would buy” with “It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate”. It seems he was appreciative to have the $$ to stay in a hotel room, or is the conditional line saying he _could_ spend the money on sensible things like hotel rooms but chooses not to?

    1. I see what you mean. I was meaning the money could buy those things but he chooses not to. I had a little trouble with the line breaks for some reason. Thank you for your feedback!

  4. I loved the opening of forgetting the pain in the kneecaps. I am no poet, but you carried that theme of being consumed by art and drink. All of it to self medicate .

  5. Beautiful!
    At a place or two, the line break sounded a bit odd, but I know it happens.

    1. Thank you. As I was rereading this just now I noticed the line breaks weren’t working in several places. Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate the honesty.

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