We met in a whirlwind

throwing caution aside.

First time your lips found

mine, the planets aligned.

The feeling we named love,

our friends called it volatile.

Like an old romantic movie,

we ran to Vegas for our vows.

Impulsive but it felt right.

Now I’m stuck in the middle

of a cyclone, traveling alone.

I’m on my way to Reno with

only sad songs on my mind

Everyone can stare, I’m only

a shell of the woman I was.

Vegas was a dream, almost

perfect, close but no cigar.

I’m on a solo mission now.

Came to town a married lady.

I’ll be leaving carefree, single.

Written for Yeah Write


2 thoughts on “Reno Solo

  1. Nice job mixing the concrete with the abstract. I liked how the whirlwind in the beginning ramped up to a cyclone when she was alone in the car. I wanted that idea to carry through to the end, perhaps with a mention of the windless desert at the end?

  2. I liked how you conveyed the frenetic speed and chaos of this relationship. The dramatic weather patterns worked well to evoke that. Like Nate, I would have liked to see the metaphor carried all the way through; the relationship was tumultuous like a whirlwind, now that she’s getting divorced, it feels like there should be an accompanying stillness.

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