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2019 – Best 5 Books I’ve Read

Miles Ryan’s life seemed perfect. His wife, Missy, was his highschool love and their son, Jonah, was an extra joyful addition. Then Missy was killed by a hit and run vehicle while out jogging. Miles spent all waking hours going over the case file searching for something missed that would lead to the driver that killed his wife. He had his son and his job as an officer on his small-town Police Department. Happiness was something he didn’t have until he met his son’s 2nd grade teacher, Sarah Andrews. His feelings for Sarah grew and the case file from Missy’s accident that he’d poured over for 2 years found a place in his closet. Then suddenly the driver of the car that killed his wife confessed. The truth wasn’t an easy solution because the driver’s identity was ruining his relationship with Sarah. Sometimes love isn’t enough to hold onto and sometimes finding answers lead to harder questions. This is a novel about loss, love, forgiveness, and being human.

Don’t tell Meg is a trilogy but I’ve only read book 1 so far. It begins with Pete Bailey, a radio journalist, is out of town on a weekend for work. His marriage to Meg had always been easy until recently. With his marriage on the rocks, Pete decides to have an affair with a t.v. reporter, Ellie Turner. Pete thinks his guilt and Meg finding out is all he needs to worry about. Suddenly, his night of weakness turns into a nightmare. There’s a murder in the room right beside Pete’s while he was with Ellie. The hotel is crawling with detectives and the killer took a hostage. As the tape reveals Pete’s wife is the hostage the killer has, Pete’s suddenly racing to discover who the madman is without tipping off the police. Meg finding out about his affair becomes the least of Pete’s worries.
I recommend the book because of the suspense and the ending.

The Hanging Woods is the story of Walter, a teen who kills a fox and reads his mother’s diary in the same day. Both events change Walter in ways that aren’t fully understood until the end. For the most part, Walter is a normal teen in 1975. He hangs out around town with his best friends, Jimmy and Mothball. Mothball is overweight and imature compared to Jimmy’s good looks and fun loving ways that border on trouble. The 3 friends avoid the town recluse, a Vietnam vet they call the Troll. When Jimmy pulls a prank on the troll it sets forth events that lead to Jimmy’s death and the Troll being arrested for the murder. Mothball is so guilt ridden
it appears he kills himself. Walter seems to be in shock after his 2 friends are dead and what he read in his mother’s diary weren’t what he thought at all. Walter is learning pranks, secrets, death, and power all come with a price.

An Anonymous Girl is a suspense novel about the secret lives of others that we could never know, unless they want us to. Jessica sneaks into an anonymous study where she believes answering a few questions on a computer is all that’s required to make money. When she’s invited to meet the study’s conductor, Dr. Shields and answer more questions, she accepts. As the questions become more invasive, Jessica becomes paranoid that Dr. Shields is manipulating her. As Jessica tries to figure out the motive to Dr. Shields study, she gets caught up in a game of lies and jealousy, she realizes her life may be in danger.

Blood Orange is a novel about a missing 7 year old girl, Bailey. As days go by in the search for Bailey, Dana, her mother, learns of clues to her whereabouts. Dana realizes it isn’t her husband defending an abuser at trial that caused the kidnapping of Bailey. As she gets more clues into who took her daughter, she learns that her actions may have set the kidnapping in motion. Fearful of losing her husband and her best friend who’s a priest, Dana must confess to what she done over the summer in order to find her daughter.