Reno Solo

We met in a whirlwind

throwing caution aside.

First time your lips found

mine, the planets aligned.

The feeling we named love,

our friends called it volatile.

Like an old romantic movie,

we ran to Vegas for our vows.

Impulsive but it felt right.

Now I’m stuck in the middle

of a cyclone, traveling alone.

I’m on my way to Reno with

only sad songs on my mind

Everyone can stare, I’m only

a shell of the woman I was.

Vegas was a dream, almost

perfect, close but no cigar.

I’m on a solo mission now.

Came to town a married lady.

I’ll be leaving carefree, single.

Written for Yeah Write


100 Best Websites for Writers in 2019 via The Write Life

The resources are invaluable. This list has helped me. Since there are a lot of sites, I recommend bookmarking the page.
Also, Trish Hopkinson’s blog, “A Selfish Poet” is a wonderful blog to find journals taking submissions, writing tips, and other wonderful post!

Trish Hopkinson

An amazing thing happened this week! While technically, the numbered list isn’t ranked in any way, I’m fine with being first on the list, even if it is just alphabetical and a coincidence they listed my blog in the first section :).

Thanks to my readers who nominated my site for inclusion in this helpful list curated by the generous folks at The Write Life. I’m honored and thrilled to be listed along with several other helpful sites, such as Writers Helping Writers in the Inspiration section and Duotrope in the Tools section. Check out the complete list here:

100 Best Websites for Writers in 2019

The Write Life provides a plethora of writing resources divided into five main sections: Freelancing, Marketing, Blogging, Publishing, and Craft. They also send out a free email newsletter. Articles are posted regularly and include opportunities for writers and poets as well as craft…

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I recently signed up for HubPages to see what it was about.

Making money online is alluring but feels out of reach at the moment.

HubPage recommends having 10 featured articles before applying for Google Ads. So far I have 5. Writing the articles isn’t as easy as I thought.

I did write a review on a movie I watched last week.

“Beautiful Boy” is based on two novels. One novel is written by the father, David Sheff, about trying to help his son overcome drug addiction.

The second novel was written by the son, Nic Sheff, about his addiction with drugs, especially methamphetamine.

The movie done them justice and had me bawling. Being a recovering addict myself and a parent, both sides were well understood.

You can read my entire review at my HubPage. Comments are always welcomed!

Happy Monday to everyone!


Paradise became boring after

listening to her husband’s voice

naming the animals one by one.

She wandered around Eden

until she heard another speak.

Cunning serpent told a story

of knowledge, evil and good.

His words sounded musical

like a thousand angels playing

their golden harps, singing.

The juices of forbidden fruit

beckoning her to take a bite.

Her husband found her staring

at the tantalizing fruit in hand.

She held it to his lips knowing

he thought he bit into an apple.

The beguiling reptile laughed

as Eve fed Adam pomegranate.


Written for Yeah Write