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As I watch you drive away

Tears streaming down my face.

You are taking the best part of me with you.

In my head I’m screaming, “Please don’t go.”

But your taillights have already gone.

I realize I’m not making a sound. 

My voice fled with you.


CoverGirl’s Latest Brand Ambassador Is a Hijab-Wearing Muslim | The Daily Dot
This is amazing. CoverGirl took a risky and worthwhile chance when they graced their cover with their first male CoverGirl. Now to share this beautiful woman on the cover has made CoverGirl my favorite brand again. 

CoverGirl is showing the world the beauty in diversity and differences. To break away from the “normal” models is fresh, new, and perfect timing. 

Being different is beautiful and CoverGirl has showcased this beauty. 

I believe their newest faces say to young ladies and young men that it is okay not to look like everyone else. The media can influence how people view beauty and so many people compare themselves to models they see on television, in magazines, and social medias. 

I hope this is a step for everyone to embrace who they are and be happy with their looks. Beauty comes from the inside and shines on the outside.

Shout out to CoverGirl! 

Any thoughts on the latest CoverGirl covers? 

Android & Google Play Store

First I have to say that I am not an expert nor do I work for Android or Google.
Second,  I have never given advice on this blog about Android or Google.
Third, after having so many problems and glitches with my Android Smartphone and Google Play Store updates and downloads, I feel I can write out a simple post that may help some.

After browsing so many articles on what to do if apps in Google Play Store won’t download or update correctly, I’m frustrated, understated.  I can tell you a few things I have tried that worked:  If you are having a problem downloading or updating apps you can try this first: Take the battery out of your phone for about 15 seconds. I know a lot of you are screaming, ” Done that, didn’t work, screw this post!” Just give me a minute. I worked for Dishnetwork many years ago, and unplugging the satellite box was one of the 1st things we had to tell customers. Unplugging things that stop working or taking the battery out of your phone resets some of the device and may help.
Okay. So now that you’ve put the battery back  in, and haven’t thrown your mobile device, go into Settings-Date & Time – uncheck the two boxes that have something such as “Automatically Set Date & Time” and “Automatically  Set Date & Time by Using Standard Time Zone.”  After you’ve unchecked these two boxes, deliberately set the date wrong and the time wrong. Then restart your mobile device. Once it’s back on, you’ll go back into Settings – Date & Time – Check the two boxes you unchecked before restarting device.  You will see your date and time change back correctly.
This has fixed the problem for me on several apps. I wish I could explain why. It has something to do with syncing your device correctly with the Google Play Store.
Now if this hasn’t worked, you can try going into Settings – Application Manager – Select Google Play Store – Clear Cache. Then go to Google Framework – Clear Cache.

This can also help speed up apps and browsing. You can also go into Settings – Storage – Clear Cached Items and go through Miscellaneous Items and delete the items you dont need.  Just be careful doing this in the Miscellaneous Files because I deleted “media” one time and lost all my music. Be sure you know what you are deleting.

Okay… I have tried other things today such as uninstalling and reinstalling apps on my phone.  I don’t feel comfortable giving out any more advice based on experience than what I’ve already written.  The things I have written won’t harm your phone, nor apps.
Also, I have a Galaxy Core Prime Samsung Smartphone that is through a no-contract company, Straight Talk.  So, if you have an expensive smartphone or contract with a cellular company, then I woukd definitely let them help rather than the DIY advice I’ve just given.

Disclaimer:  This post was written out of my frustrations with my Android Smartphone and Google Play Store, along with my endless searches, and things I’ve tried.  I am in no way computer/smartphone savvy nor am I an affiliate of either company.  I’m not getting anything from this other than I may be able to save someone else a little time and aggravation.
Thank you for bearing with me & good luck.

If anyone knows anything else that will solve these issues, please please and please leave a comment.

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Beauty To Be Found


Sunsets are nature’s way of letting us know our day is finished and there was beauty to be found. Did we take the time to notice all the day had to offer, or rush through the day just to get it over with? With each new sunrise, we’re given a chance to view the world in a different perspective. Let’s not squander the moments away.
Donetta Sifford
January 4th 2016

My Bed


Writing Prompt

This is from Writer’s Write

“Hey girl. I know I’m comfortable. Not just in the normal way. I realize I provide comfort when your days have been so long and you need a hiding place. The world doesn’t stop turning though, as you block your eyes from the  sun with your favorite blanket. I’ll be here to bring you rest and retreat. I think you need to get up, try to enjoy or change your days. Maybe come up with a routine. Turn to me for 8 hours of sleep. Just stop sleeping life away. As much as I understand,  important people in your life worry or slip away.
Thanks for the time. Hope you can learn from my little input. Now meditate and lay down.
Love always,
Donetta’s Bed