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Essential Confession

The Short And Tragic Life Of Robert Peace: A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark For The Ivy LeagueThe True American: Murder And Mercy In TexasWe Were Liars

he sold marijuana
      also brilliant, 
majored in death, potential lost
think education and poverty
perhaps essential confession
won’t keep me up at night

    fascinating, troubled

almost obsessively reported
     leaving you, changing
   beautiful, idyllic, mysterious
remember pain, emotional

   piece together secrets and lies,
  lures you in and won’t let go

donetta sifford 12-7-2014

This was written for a prompt on Found Poetry Review.  
The prompt:   Each book in the list has a corresponding summary/review paragraph. Select three or more titles and write a poem using only the text in the Book Concierge blurb.
The 3 books I chose are at the top and if you click on each one, there is a link to the review paragraph, where I found these lovely words to create my poem.  This is my first time doing Found Poetry, though I have always been interested in doing one.  Truth is, it’s harder than it looks and sounds.  Enjoy!  Comments and constructive criticism is welcome. 


Fire and Brimstone Servings

On 58th and Broadway,

wind blowing, snow whirling,

I opened my guitar case.

Ringing rhythm of hot jazz and blues.

Playing songs with fire,  brimstone servings.

Christsake, my family, they were long gone.

Came across country, straight out of Chicago.

Hell, racing through smoky towns.

Eastbound, mind fixed on hidden interest.

Lines used from Bob Dylan’s Chronicles: Volume 1

Pages 3 through 8

Written for Found Poetry Review’s Poetry Prompt