My Daughters’ Easter Dresses for 2013

My gorgeous daughters and their new Easter dresses for 2013. Ms. Madison age 10 picked out a prom type dress but she looked so cute, I gave in. Ms. Olivia age 7 still lets me ‘help’ her pick out clothes, and she looks very adorable. Seeing Madison in her dress and knowing she will be … Continue reading My Daughters’ Easter Dresses for 2013

Saint Patrick’s Day in Chicago

For the past two years, I have adored that I discovered the Chicago River is dyed green for Saint Patrick’s Day.  I’m sure I’m in a very small group of people whom did not know this.  I actually learned yesterday this has been going on for 40 years as well as a parade and other … Continue reading Saint Patrick’s Day in Chicago

Maybe A Small Resemblance?

 It was strange when a friend mentioned it. Then a couple strangers were I worked. This was said during her 90120 years.  That maybe I strike a small resemblance to Tori Spelling. Though, I can see maybe a few features. Suppose I should be flattered. I just have a difference in opinion as to what … Continue reading Maybe A Small Resemblance?