America – Is Democracy A Myth

This isn’t a post trying to argue politics. I am discussing what I find interesting from articles I’ve read and my understanding of Plato’s views of government. I normally write poetry or things of that nature, so I wanted to explore a different style of writing on here.

Reading about democracy being a myth reminded me of Plato’s views on democracy.

I was reading an article in The Walrus titled The Myth of American Democracy Here are two quotes from the article that resonated with me:

The self-glorifying opposition to Trump is as foolish as the man himself.

Meanwhile, in the White House gilded cage, the unscripted and overweight canary sings his ferocious songs of sixpence.

The first quote goes on to describe “The Resistance” and how Americans against Trump desire impeachment even if it is unjust, it will mean he is no longer president.

I’ve had friends that I went to highschool with in the 1990s before social medias such as Facebook were around, unfriend me on Facebook because of the election. I normally don’t use Facebook as a sounding board perhaps because I was brought up in a different time.

To be honest, it was probably for the best because their post with hashtags of “Trump not being their president” made me find them childish. The same as I find the MAGA slogan foolish.

This article described my feelings on both sides and had me recalling Plato’s view on democracy.

Plato’s 5 regimes (5 forms of government) interested me long before Trump’s presidency.

Plato discussed in his  Republic  – Book VIII the 5 forms of government.  They are Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, and Tyranny. Here is a link to Fact/Myth and an explanation of each form of government per Plato with in depth examples. I will quote the basic example of how democracy leads to tyranny

The problem is, when everyone has total liberty and equality, the state is destined to descend into anarchy and then tyranny.

Plato uses a lot of metaphors and there leaves room for a lot of debate over take aways from each form. What I basically understand about Plato’s theory is that in all life’s goodness, everyone is equal in every way possible. However, eventually one or more ways will be desired above others, so it leads to the next form of government. This government will give away to the next. Once democracy fails, their is chaos.

From the chaos of democracy failing comes a leader and this leader probably will be cheered on as a hero because he’s restoring order. The people want him to lead until the chaos is gone and the people without realizing it, vote the leader into full power. When there’s no more chaos, the people will once again want to share power but the leader who is use to being praised and unquestioned will refuse. The once hero becomes a tyrant. Eventually, the tyrant must be over thrown which brings the government and power back to the beginning where every person shares in everything. This will repeat.

As I said, I’ve used examples that make sense in my mind without over explaining the virtues that each form possess according to Plato. Just like the tyrant may not be the people’s hero. He may just be the one to step in when democracy fails to end the chaos the failure causes.

I can see though that America is divided and it seems half consider Trump to be a hero while the other half view him as a tyrant.

Regardless of which side a person is on, it seems Plato’s  5 regimes that will repeat themselves again and again are very much accurate.

This of course is just my mind over thinking things. I don’t agree democracy is a myth but obviously the founders of America didn’t consider all aspects as Plato did because no man is created equal when it comes to power, money, or other things people lust for. Philosophers for many years have ask should each man hold all virtues equal or should they be divided up? The checks and balances are bound to separate due to the very nature of man. I find that in itself extremely thought provoking.


Here’s to a New Year

Lovers kissing, people dancing, resolutions through the champagne. 

Countdown, three, two, one, ball drops, a new year just begin.


Do I have any resolutions this year? Sure I do.

Will I keep them? I hope so.

Losing weight and getting back into yoga is one of the minor resolutions. However, I can continue working on weight and flexibility as I Jon hunt, pay fines, and get my driver’s license back.

There’s probably a lot more I could resolve to do this year, but keeping it simple means less stress. For me, too much stress will cause me to fail or give up.

Little changes throughout the year, I will be writing them down. I’ll also have a post of reflections from the past year. 

I intend to write more, begin submitting my poetry on a more serious level and I am trying to begin freelance writing. 

Feel free to share your resolutions in the comments. Any advice on beginning as a freelance writer is appreciated as well.



5 Favorite Christmas Songs?

I have been neglecting both my blogs.  I have, in a way, been neglecting life.  So much going on in ‘my constant thoughts’.   I did just catch up on a post by Jen Kehl where she listed a terrific Thanksgiving playlist and although Thanksgiving is gone, her post inspired me to do a Top 5 favorites of Christmas songs.  I do miss her Twisted Mixtape blog hop.  If I had enough followers on this blog, I would want to create a blog hop inspired by hers.  Which would also mean I couldn’t neglect my blog. lol. So moving on – here are my Top 5 Favorite Christmas Songs. 

Hearing Elvis sing “Blue Christmas” with his deep southern, blues voice sounds magical to me. 

This 1984 song by Wham has almost become traditional for me.  It’s about a breakup around Christmas time, but the beat is great. “Last Christmas”

“All I Want For Christmas is You” has been on my list for many years. One of my best friends bought this the year it came out and every Christmas we have shared, we play the entire collection. Mariah Carey. 

My best friend mentioned above, it’s surreal how our friendship has stayed so in sync throughout our lives.  What I mean is this; we both grew up in the same small town, both of us were raised by our grandparents, had been friends since we were 4 years old, and were inseparable until our senior year of high school.  Then we both began in different journeys and a few years went by.  We caught up again when both of us had just moved back to our small town, and we became close again.  On September 12th, 2000, my granny passed away that morning after about a week in the hospital.  One of the most devastating events of my life.  That morning my friend called, I told her what happened, but that I wanted to be alone.  Her granny called to check on me and said she would pray for me although prayers weren’t on my list of things I needed.  That night in church, my best friend’s granny passed away while receiving the Holy Ghost.  She had been through several open heart surgeries.  I didn’t find out until the next morning when my friend pulled in my drive. She got out and I could tell she had been crying all night.  I knew then, she had cried over my loss and my hurt, but something had happened to turn her world upside down.  When she told me, I couldn’t and still can’t find the words that describe how I felt.  Every word I try, comes off too plain for the emotions.  So, we lost our grannies, who were our mothers really, on the same day.  Maybe so we knew exactly how the other one felt and could lean on one another.
That year, the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” came to theaters.  Not the cartoon.  The movie with Jim Carrey as the Grinch. We went to see it, just to try and occupy our minds.  The words I still can’t find on my own, one of the songs in the movie pretty much covered the sadness.  We both bawled then and still tear up.

Faith Hill singing “Where Are You Christmas” 

Thanks for allowing me to share a personal story.  Working on my writing skills, the huge obstacle I face is to shorten my sentences.  Not to babble on and on. My friends all complain about my text messages.  Since I am used to writing poetry, it seems to come natural to leave some words out.  
This next song has been one of my favorites since a child because I loved watching my aunt sing and dance to this while decorating the tree.  
Brenda Lee’s “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree”

That does it for my top 5 picks of favorites.  It was hard because I love every genre of music, and therefore have a lot of songs to choose from.  
Feel free to share in the comments your top 5 favorites of Christmas music, or post it on your blog and let people know.  I would enjoy seeing what others list.