Mother Earth

Mother Earth you have given life with beauty if we will look. Majestic mountains, powerful seas, flat deserts, winding roads. Trees older than mankind, plants growing among the grassy hills. Mother Earth you have given when progress takes from you. Lands filled with garbage, plastic killing ocean species, fires ravage. Animals become extinct, breath becomes … Continue reading Mother Earth

Looking For What?

Here is my attempt at writing a poem that describes what I look for when reading poetry. Basically, I search for a poem that speaks to me no matter the subject.

Poetry Prompt: ARS POETICA

I just discovered this blog but it’s absolutely amazing that the art of Poetry is being taught and assignments are given for readers to write about. Since it’s National Poetry Month and unfortunately people are being ask to self quarantine due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this is a perfect time to follow the post here.

Joey Gould -- Poetry


In the first case, one may find it helpful to clarify what they would like to write before they start writing. I’d like to commence these weekly offerings with a declaration of philosophy, a poetic mission statement—an Ars Poetica.

The idea of Ars Poetica (The Art of Poetry) comes from Horace, a Roman poet born in 65 BCE ( He wrote his Ars Poetica near the end of his life; it functions as a manifesto of his own poetic style, preferences & mislikes. He advises: “You, that write, either follow tradition, or invent such fables as are congruous to themselves.” I like the idea that we can either follow traditional forms & semiology or make new myths, but we must at every turn consciously decide to follow or deviate from the paths of our forebears. Do you think poetry is…

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