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Hugh Hefner Laid to Rest in Private Ceremony

He lived an incredible life surrounded by beautiful women and even in death he is buried beside the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was featured on the cover of the 1st issue of Playboy Magazine in 1953.



Day 9 – Sharing

I have gotten behind on Celes’ 14 Day Gratitude Challenge.  I am catching up now and I’m grateful for that.  

Today’s assignment is about sharing.  I think it feels good to share with other’s.  I agree with Celes, with so many different social networking sites, sharing is even easier.  I often share my computer with family and friends who don’t own one.  I have made some friends a music playlist for their MP3 players.  On Facebook, I am constantly sharing music I enjoy and quotes.  I have several favorite quotes.  One of my favorite quotes comes from a memoir by Jeanette Walls called The Glass Castle.  Her father said this to her, “Whoever coined the phrase ‘a man’s got to play the hand that was dealt him’ was most certainly one piss-poor bluffer.” 

That quote honestly made an impact on how I looked at things.  For one, it wasn’t some quote by a famous person that people grab for inspiration.  I like those quotes too.  This came from her father talking to her about life and struggles.  That’s probably the reason it stuck with me all this time.  

3 Things I am grateful for today:

Lovely weather outside.

Enjoying the book, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I had seen the movie in May, but never heard of the book.  Apparently, I have been missing out.  Though the movie was terrific, also.

I am grateful I came across Piper Punches’ blog and now she agreed to let me have an interview with her.  The interview will be published in this blog on Friday. So, watch for it!!! 

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun 126

It’s the Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun week 126 from Feeling Beachie!!  I’m honored to be co-host.  Hope my post isn’t late. (Read my number 1 fill-in)

  • Sometimes I feel like there is so _____ and that I will never _____.
  • I never tire of _____
  • I love the charity ___ because it strives to ____
  • My dream job would be ____ because I’d get to ____

1.  Sometimes I feel like there is so much to do and that I will never get organized.

2.  I never tire of reading good books.

3  I love the charity Relay For Life because it strives to involve the community in helping raise cancer awareness.

4.  My dream job would be being a photographer because I’d get to take interesting photos and capture precious moments in time. 

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Katie Makkai – Pretty

This is a spoken word poem/art. It gave me chills at the end and moved me very much. I have two children. My oldest is 11 and she started 6th grade this year. She questions me is she pretty. This video sums up how I want to answer her question. She will never be just merely pretty. She will be so much more than what media tells women they need to be. I’m ashamed to admit, I’m not a good role model when it comes to showing her there is more to life than looking pretty. I’m trying to change that through education and job changes. I want both my daughters to look at me and realize, even at 36, people can turn their lives around, attend college, find forgiveness, respect themselves, own their mistakes without shame or blame, and find happiness they didn’t have before by simply not loving themselves as much as they should, as much as they love any other person.

Lance Says: Go Read. Lance Didn’t Say Stop!

Technically, it is 2:00 a.m. here in Virginia, which makes it Monday morning!!! As promised on my post, 10 Ten’s of Thankful,  I am excited to let everyone know I had the honor of asking Lance Burson some questions about his second book that was released on Friday, Soul to Body!!!  Take a look!

     Happy Monday everyone!  Today, it’s all about Lance and what a huge day Friday was for him.  Backing up for a second, this is how I came to know Lance.  Lance’s blog, My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog, is one of the first blogs I stumbled across when I began  my own blog, My Constant Thoughts.  The name of his blog, along with a photo of Brad Pitt in a scene from Fight Club was enough to catch my attention.  I immediately began to participate in his 100 Word Song prompts. Now I don’t even notice Brad’s photo because Lance’s writing is so intriguing and honest.
     I was excited to purchase his first published book, The Ballad of Helene Troy. I was extremely impressed by the imagery set up in the book and immediately adored the main character, Helene. This book has been read, and then re-read because I feel a connection with Helene. That’s what is fantastic about Lance’s writing and characters. I am honored to share with all of my readers, my questions, and Lance’s answers. Here we go.
     Me:  Without giving the book away, would you mind briefly sharing what Soul and Body is about?
     Lance:  Jake Hanna is a middle-aged man who used to be in a rock band as a guitar player that almost made it. When it fell apart, he met his wife, Camille, while on vacation. Their story is told in flashback. The current story line picks up with him as a recent widow raising a sixteen-year-old daughter, Violet, and seeing how grief is changing his life.
     Me:  Your first published book, The Ballad of Helene Troy, focused on a woman trying to find her way in a cut throat music world.  Soul and Body focuses on a man struggling with a music career after losing his wife and raising his teenage daughter. Would you say music is a inspiration for your writing?
     Lance:  Absolutely.  Helene’s a wannabe while Jake’s a has been.  But music drove both story lines because of how music affected the characters personalities and decisions.

In my own life, I’m a never was, musically speaking.  A bad guitar player and mediocre songwriter, but I can relate to characters like Helene and Jake who love music so much, it hurts.
     Me:   I’m dying to ask, how does it feel to have two books published and so close together?
     Lance:  Overwhelming.  I wrote Helene over a 14 month period in 2011-2012, while Soul To Body was written in late 2012 and early 2013. There’s more time separating them. Helene was a 70 thousand word novel cut down to a 48 thousand word novella. While Soul To Body was designed as a shorter tale, 26 thousand words. So, they’re being published 6 months apart, but they were written with more time than that in between.
     Me:  Do you get a lot of support at home from your wife, Deana, as well as your children?
     Lance:   More than I deserve. While my first book was a solo deal, my wife and 3 daughters were very supportive but they saw how Helene nearly killed me emotionally. So, for Soul To Body, it was a family affair. My wife edited the book, my 17-year-old daughter helped with the covers, and my kids were great because they were more involved. Dad wasn’t holed up in a corner, dark, desperate and pained like he was with Helene.
     Me:  I have heard people say they try to write so much a day, some say a certain time of day, some only when inspired, and some while drinking coffee. As a writer, do you have any quirks or times you write?
     Lance:  I’m too screwed up and crazy to be organized. I write when I can. I write during work lunch breaks, quiet  moments in the morning and evening, during cheer leading/judo/drums practices for my daughters, at stoplights, and in drive-thru lines.  Diet Dr Pepper or the occasional Yeungling beer are by my side. It’s notebooks, #2 pencils, and this mind full of song lyrics and flawed characters.
     Me:  If you had to describe your writing style in 5 words, what would those words be?
     Lance:  gritty, realistic, well-meaning, compact, and left-of-center
     Me:   I found your first book, The Ballad of Helene Troy, very powerful.  Helene was easy to relate to. It received great reviews. I have followed your post about Jake and Violet on your blog.  I am looking forward to seeing the entire story come together.  Do you have any plans of a third book in the near future?
     Lance:     Yeah, there will be a sequel to Helene, working title is Woman Of Troy, and I’ve penciled four and a half chapters. It takes places nine months after the first book ended. The Ballad of Helene Troy is being remastered/re-edited with a chapter added so the continuity can be explained. I;m aiming for the Helene sequel to be out in December.

After that, I have another novel I’ve written, Italian Radio, featuring a character from Helene, reporter Breann Lucos. The timeline continuity is the problem with that one. So, I need for the Helene sequel to get out, then I’ll decide when to release Italian Radio. But I think summer of 2014 is a possibility. Then, I may take some sleeping pills and a few months off. My oldest daughter will be in college, then.
     Me:   Do you have a favorite book or a favorite author that inspires you?
     Lance:   I answer this question different every time. But, my favorite book, nonfiction, is The Autobiography of Malcolm X. It’s about redemption. Brother Malcolm is the American Dream. He was a drunk, drug addict, and criminal who changed his life and became more representative of what’s right about our country than anyone, and he was killed for it. That book changed my life when I read it at 19-years-old.

My favorite fiction book is The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. That book and The Garden of Eden by him are the ones I use as textbooks for prose and dialogue. They’re brilliant.
     Me:     One more question for you, Lance.  Have you always wanted to be a writer or do you remember what point in your life you decided you were going to write books?
     Lance:   Yeah, this is something I was born with, I believe.  My parents told me when I was very young I would beg them for paper and pencils and hole up in my room and write about baseball players and rock stars and superheroes. When I was in the 4th grade, I won a first place ribbon for a short story about a little boy with a snake for a best friend named Mike. It was symbolism for wanting an older brother, but I was hooked from then on. I worked as a reporter from age 17 to age 24 and wrote a novel in 1995 that was rejected, then I quit for 10 years. So, I’m afflicted with the disease, forever.
     Me:  Thank you for taking time to answer these questions for me and everyone reading.  Where can Soul to Body purchased at?
     Lance:  Amazon/ Kindle & In paperback from 

It will also be available at beginning Tuesday, August 13th and Good Reads on the same date.
Signed copies are available through Pound Publishing headquarters by contacting me directly at
and Thank You, Netta. I’m honored you’re a  reader and wanted to talk.
That was a lot of fun,  getting to interview Lance.  Once again, I’m honored.  He is the first person I’ve had an opportunity to do this with and he helped walk me through the process.  Very much appreciated.  Hope everyone enjoyed hearing about his writing and publishing.  If you haven’t visited Lance’s blog yet, you should go check it out.   My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog is very unique and I have learned about a lot of bands and songs that I probably never would have heard of.  You can also visit Lance on what he calls, his ‘Book-of-Face‘ aka Facebook.   Find him on Twitter.
Purchase his second book ‘Soul to Body’ ,  and if you haven’t read ‘The Ballad of Helene Troy‘, you are missing out. I’m so excited their is going to be a sequel!!!!
Soul To Body
***Blogger’s Note***  I believe this went over well.  I hope I presented Lance in a good way.  His answers intrigued me.  Any typos is on my part.  I am looking forward to purchasing Soul To Body.  A sequel to The Ballad of Helene Troy, awesome!!! I had to give Deana a shout out. If you haven’t read her magically flowing words, click on her name, and check it out.  Two very talented people!  Everyone enjoy their Monday!  I heard, if you don’t like Monday’s, you have a blog to go to. 🙂 I Don’t Like Monday’s Blog Hop.