Here are the links to example cover letters resumes I’ve created in Google Doc. 

Building a strong, professional resume is extremely important when you’re job seeking or changing careers. You want to highlight your experience and skills to show you are qualified for the position you seek. You also want to show why hiring you will benefit the company you’re applying to. A clear resume objective is needed to show what you can do for them and your expectations as well. Education, previous work, knowledge, and experience are built upon your objective.

Building a resume can seem daunting, especially if you’ve not attended college or have had lapses in between employment. While having long periods in between employment can occur for all kind of reasons, you don’t want that reflected on your resume. Your resume isn’t the best place to explain your time in between jobs. Hopefully you’ll have an in person interview where you can give explanations. 

I have had experience in highlighting positive work experience on resumes since 1994 as well as building an appealing cover letter.

The cover letter will be the first thing potential employers see so it’s important to showcase strengths while leaving out weaknesses. The key to a professional cover letter and resume is to only attribute items relevant to the job you’re applying for. If you are applying for a data entry clerk, then it’s not relevant that you cook for your local church’s bake sale or that your 3 year old mastered a new skill. Now if you use data entry skills to keep a record of money earned for a local bake sale, that would be something to share.

Whether building a resume stresses you out or you don’t have the time to spare, that’s where I come in. You can simply email me a list of skills, experience, and education along with contact information and I can create a cover letter and resume for you.

For any questions and for information on prices, email me at with Resume Inquiry in the subject line or leave a comment here. If I haven’t replied within 24 hours, feel free to reach out to me again. I know that time is crucial for potential employment. You need to apply as soon as you can to be ahead of other applicants.




Example Basic Cover Letter 

Example of Basic Resume – Human Resources Manager 



Any Thoughts?

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