Crawl Space


Craving sanctuary, peace.
Raging war in my mind.
Always noisy, shots fired.
Whispering voices, somewhere.
Laughing, mocking television.
Static hums from the unplugged.
Peeping out the blinds, darkness.
Anxiety's cold hands squeeze my throat.
Crawlspace is cluttered with time.
Even happiness hides in winter.  


Chanel Bonfire – Book Review


I was lucky enough to get a chance to read this book through Glose free. There May Be Spoilers  This story is told by Wendy, the oldest of two sisters that lean on each other to survive their mentally ill mother. 

Wendy tries hard to shield her younger sister from the ugly details of their mother’s life. Later, it is Robin who can stand up to their mother while Wendy tries to be the help their mother needs. 

Georgann, has an uncanny ability to manipulate people, especially her daughters and men. She has several marriages, several boyfriends, and several married boyfriends. Although Wendy and Robin live an extravagant life full of theater, top private schools, being with the popular crowd, and famous people, they learned to hold their breaths for their mother to ruin everything. 

Their mother had a “Joan Crawford – Mommie Dearest” quality of being cruel. From telling them their father didn’t want them, to announcing they had different fathers, she kept her children from feeling loved or stable. They had to deal with suicide attempts, their rooms being destroyed in the middle of the night, her drinking, and humiliation even at high school graduations. 

This book reaches into your heart and stays there long after the end. It shows us an ugly truth that not all mothers are fit and what does one do when the person they depend on tries to hit them with a car or throws a burning shirt at them? This story has glamour, humor, sadness, and tragedy rolled into one book. On a scale of 1 to 10, I definitely rate it a 10+. 

Read any good books lately that you’d recommend? Share in the comments!


NO FEE Submission call + editor interview – Underblong, DEADLINE: Open year-round

sounds like an interesting journal!

Trish Hopkinson

Underblong is an intriguing new online poetry journal recently founded by poets Chen Chen and Sam Herschel Wein.

Their second issue just went live and is bursting with incredible poetry! Make sure not to miss the audio recordings of the poets reading their poems. There’s just simply nothing better than hearing the poems in the voice of the poet and I love the simplicity and ease of the journal’s format, the ability to click from one poem to the next. The editor’s note describes this issue well, “These poems gurgle and toil and launch our bodies to dance, from our wiggling toes to our careening clavicles, walking around saying yes, most certainly, thank you. We are seen in our most inner selves and nuzzled, thoroughly.”

I wondered how and why this literary magazine came to be, so I asked them a few questions to find out. See my interview with Chen…

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Eminem & Ed – River


This is the link to watch the interview and read about how Ed Sheeran sent off his music and song lyrics to Eminem’s manager, thinking he wasn’t going to hear back.  He did in fact hear back and their song, River, which has appeared on Eminem’s newest album, Revival, is one of my favorites! I’ve been an Eminem fan since his 1st album with Dr. Dre producing came out. His album caught a lot of flack over his political views, his choice of artist to feature on tracks, (Ex: Ed Sheeran) and some say the old Eminem is missed. 

Eminem anticipated as much and responded to critics with a mixed version of Chloraseptic ft 2 Chainz. He addresses critics and he apparently was aiming this diss to a former D12 member. This mix proves he can be as comical, vulgar, and ruthless as he wants to be. He  showed the doubters that the younger Eminem was still around but on his album Revival, he is showing a more grown-up side to himself and his music. 

What is ironic to me is the fact that this not the 1st time Eminem has brought politics into his music. Throughout his career he has rapped about Bush, war, and the younger generation standing up to the government. His song White America dealt with the president. Another song, Mosh, was kept off of radio stations. He has rapped about President Bill Clinton receiving oral sex while in office. He’s made no apology for any political position. On the BET Awards show, Eminem freestyled a song to President Trump, highlighting Trump’s remarks about “liking his war heroes not captured.” He rapped about the President’s ties with white supremacists, building a wall, and dividing the country. I think the shock was the ending, in which Eminem stated that anyone that was for Trump, was no fan of his. Or rather, he didn’t want them as fans. So before this turns into a political post, I will end with saying this:  I love the depth of this song dedicated to an aborted child and it shoes Eminem has grown as an artist since the days of “Slim Shady.” 

La Douleur Exquise

La Douleur Exquise  –  {French}  literally means “the exquisite pain.”  It comes from a medical term which defines a pain that morphine cannot dull.  It’s meaning has become something used to describe that indescribable pain of being hurt by the one you love.   [Psychology Today

1. [French] The exquisite pain of theg someone you can never have but you know you will still try to be with them. It’s like drug effects… 

La Douleur Exquise 

Teetering on the edge of ‘us.’ 
Even with our dub highious start.
Proclaiming my love to only you.
Whispers of pleasure, longings
no other lover will hear.
Time spent laughing,
penetrates my thoughts.
Conversations replay in my mind.
It is madness.
Disturbing how you leave me
so unsure, so unclear.
Knowing what ‘we’ share
is magical.
How angry words spoken
didn’t tear me from you.
You are as much
a part of my life as air.
Wish I hadn’t already seen
how with no hesitation
you can turn, walk away
from me.
Saying there is no ‘we’, ‘us’,
is devastatingly harsh.
@donetta sifford 1-31-2013

{Author’s Note… This poem was written in 2013 so I seen a lot of revisions that should be made. I posted it here the way I discovered it a short while ago.