Kill Your Darlings or Kill Your Dreams

I have poured over writing advice until I’m wondering should I just stop writing?!?! 

     I cannot be the only person/writer that has been unsure of how to begin submissions or should I keep submitting? I have a better understanding of researching which Lit Magazines I want my work in. I learned a lot from my 1st Poetry Group/Community on Google+  which was actually called “Poets of G+.” 

     I learned that wanting to be published to validate my status as a writer, is normal. The desire to be published can cloud ones judgment on where to submit work.  Just like when I was 19 and submitted a poem for an anthology, was accepted, and if I paid $75 I could actually own the anthology I was published in. 

 So, somewhere in the bottom of my hope chest is an anthology I paid for with a poem only a child could write and my name among 100’s of other writers that were better or worse. I learned quickly that perhaps I should have been paid for entering a contest, winning, being published, instead of me buying the book. Even a free hardback copy of the book would have sufficed. 

Keep in mind, this was 1995. Yes, I’m 41 years old and even though I’ve written short stories and poetry since I can remember, I have reached a point in my life where I’m willing to do the extra work.

I am using a smartphone for several reasons but I believe I now need to get my computer up and running. Which means calling to get WiFi or internet services turned on. Meanwhile, I’ve been going to different sites, reading up on submitting. 

I finally have some poems I decided to submit. Received my second rejection from The Sun. I am pouring over how to format, how to write a cover letter, how to word my 3rd person bio, and even how to format manuscripts using a smartphone.

I have to say, my heading was dramatic. I won’t ever stop writing, and I believe I’m ready to spend time submitting. Even if this means waiting for Internet services so I can make sure my formatting is correct.

Writing advice is everywhere. I run into a lot of the same advice worded differently. I finally found time to focus on my work and found some great sites and blogs loaded with information on where to publish, submitting work, and other helpful resources. The links below have helped me not kill my darlings or dreams.

Trish Hopkinson has became my “go to.”

Areogramme Writers’ Studio is awesome… Especially advice from Steven King.

Writer’s Relief has so much information, advice, and resources. I would definitely spend time here.







The Parlour All Access

CR Parlour

#OnTour The Parlour All Access Anthology to benefit Truckers Against Trafficking

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Behind the ‘Members Only’ door of The Parlour you’ve been granted an all access pass to the ultimate pleasures of ecstasy.

Ready. Set. Play.

Your partner will be ready to play by your rules, indulge you in your wildest dreams and get lost in the ultimate balance of lust and control. Nothing is out of bounds as everyone is here for the same thing – to forget their troubles and get lost in the pleasures of the flesh.

Parlour Anthology Wrap




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My 1st Erasure Poem

How To Stop Time

This is the excerpt I chose from “How to Stop Time” by Matt Haig


[Image from Page 3 of “How to Stop Time” by Matt Haig. Most of the image has been blacked out to read:

Santa Barbara

years bored


Heaven with traffic.

Drank wine.

Going mad,

panic attacks.

Lived centuries.

Witnessed war,


Waking up

my heart going crazy.

Feeling trapped

inside myself.


Los Angeles

calmed you.]

This is my first try at Erasure Poetry for Yeah Write.    I only use my mobile phone so I didn’t have a lot of options to black the words out. I’m not tech savvy enough to use another.

Sound of Silence



Weekly Photo Challenge – The Daily Post –          “SILENCE”

My Best Year Ever

The Prompts:

  1. The last time my heart melted was because…
  2. A list of 15 ideas to make this your best year yet.
  3. Write about how you would spend the perfect Snow Day.
  4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: free.
  5. Share something that you worked on this week.
  6. Share a favorite recipe you have been loving


1. Meditation

2. Yoga

3. Journaling

4. Walking 

5. Working more on my goals with my Perfectly Posh business.

6. Sleeping more at night

7. Write a plan on exercise: I’m not trying to lose a lot of weight… Just be more tone and in shape.

8. This may fall in with # 7 but eating 3 meals a day and eating healthier

9. Getting my license back. 

10. Finding an inexpensive car.

11. Return to blogging on here at least every other day instead of every other month

12. Submitting more of my poetry

13. Stop procrastinating; on everything

14. Making “To Do” list and actually doing the things on the list

15.  Going to a dentist to get my teeth fixed would make this the best year ever for sure.

                       What can you list to make this your best year ever? You can link over to Mama Kat’s Losin It Writer’s Workshop.