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10 Things I Look Forward To Now

I am so unorganized and sometimes catching up on blogs proves to be a challenge for me.  I love the people I meet in the blogging world though.  I have read over some great list on 10 things others are looking forward to.  I have gushed about the beautiful scenery here in the fall and loving fall  activities, however, being a huge summer fan.  I am going to do this week’s Monday Listicles like this:

10 Things I Look Forward To Every Week:

1.  I adore my girls.  Have I mentioned they are going through a stage where they cannot be in the same room without bickering back and forth.  I mean, what does an 11 year old and a 7 year old have to bicker about?  The answer is everything!!  Everything examples: “Mom, Madison won’t play school right. She always wants to be the teacher.”  “Mom, Olivia is being annoying.”  “That’s my hair clip Olivia,… No, it’s mine because it was in my hair bow box…..Cause you put it there, it was mine.”  “Mom, I want hot dogs for dinner and Olivia wants hamburgers. Which are you going to fix”  Even to who will bath first at night.  I have talked. I have laughed underneath my breath at times.  I have settled the silliest arguments, such as I am in charge of what’s for dinner.  I bought hair bows for all of us, myself included, and yet they can’t put theirs simply back in their containers of hair bows, and they end up with mine anyway.  Sorry, venting a bit about my beautiful angels. 🙂 I look forward to the bus running at 7:00 a.m. They are dressed, look gorgeous, been told they are loved and in the middle of their hair bow breakdowns, I hear the bus coming and I smile.  School is educational and they aren’t even in the same school this year.  

2.  Not to contradict # 1, but………..I look forward to the evenings.  I clean, I organize, I job hunt, I play Candy Crush, I do odd things around the home……….. then, I do look forward to them coming home.  Eating, doing their homework, and while it is still nice outside, us going for walks.  I enjoy walking with my children, and it’s one of the rare moments they don’t find much of anything to argue about.  I enjoy seeing what they have learned at school.  Today was midterm day and my new 6th grader had 2 A’s and 2 B’s!!  My 2nd grader had all G’s, which in elementary term for this area is an A.  

3.  Not to contradict # 2, but usually by 7 p.m. after they are fed, bathed, homework done, and winding down, they start getting tired.  Which means any family fun we had on a walk is now a distant memory and # 1 comes back into play.  I look forward to reading to my 7 year old, giving her butterfly kisses and tucking her in.  I enjoy hearing my 11 year old ramble about things she could have talked about earlier, and then I get to say, “Okay, sweetheart, it’s bedtime.” 🙂

4.  I don’t watch t.v. much at all.  Growing up with 3 channels and grandparents that loved the news, by the time we got cable in this area, I was accustomed to occupying myself in other ways.  I enjoy an occasional Lifetime movie, or special on Snapped.  Usually, Forensic files puts me to sleep because of the same tone of voice the narrator uses.  “It was a quiet night in the small community of Parrott, Va.  The town had shut down for the night.  Suddenly, a nearby neighbor heard shots ring out.  It sounded more like a car backfiring.  Ms. Nosyweather says she had lived beside Donetta Sifford since her grandparents brought her home from the hospital, 36 years ago.  She never dreamed Donetta would harm a fly, much less fire a deadly shot into her unexpected boyfriend.  The year was 2012…………..”  I’m snoring.  I do look forward to watching Supernatural and the Winchester brothers hunting monsters.  I don’t even mind the re-runs  while waiting on the new episodes.  Usually, there are episodes I haven’t seen because I forget it comes on until it’s already aired.  That’s my one t.v. indulgence, Supernatural.

5.  I look forward to Wednesday evenings. Even though I no longer attend church because I was raised in our Church of God and my granny would make me go. In fact, she made me go until I was around 13 years old and then she decided it was time to let me make the correct decision.  I decided not to attend with the exception of Easter just to spend the time with my grandmother and occasionally Christmas.  My oldest was invited to go when she was 3 years old and I was pregnant with my 7 year old.  She has been going since.  So, her sister joined with her and they both enjoy going.  I don’t voice my opinion one way or another.  I go to watch their Christmas plays, attend Easter Sunday services with them, and always follow up on fundraisers or activities during Vacation Bible School.  I have had the occasional questioning about going to church with them, but since most of the congregation have known me since birth, they don’t go through my children to coerce me into going.  I’ve tried to explain to them in simple, non-judgmental ways a few reasons I don’t attend and for now that’s been enough.  I look forward to walking them to church on nice Wednesday evenings.  I enjoy the different lessons they learn, things they create in class, and see # 1.

6.  I look forward to Fridays.  I know that even though I have insomnia, I can have the luxury of sleeping in some on Saturdays.  I’m not sure what happens to my children between summer and fall.  During the summer, I don’t have a strict going to bed time.  We also are on the move a lot during the summer days.  Yet, daylight hits in the mornings and one of the two are up, usually waking the other.  School comes, I do enforce a bedtime except for special occasions.  We get activity mixed in, but they usually enjoy a great deal of activity at school.  Come mornings, they both are grumpy, trying to sneak 5 more minutes in, and act as though they hadn’t slept all night.  

7.  I also look forward to Fridays because the girls enjoy spending time with their cousins who live next door.  The advantage of living this close to my boyfriend’s family is if his brother and brother’s better half decide to go out, I’m here.  If I decide to go out on occasion, I usually have no problem with the girls staying the night there.  Neither of us make it a habit to keep all 4 girls a lot……….. see # 1 and apply it to her, but make one of her daughters 13 years old instead of 11.  🙂

8.  Saturdays are fun days during the school year.  The summer, everyday is getting out of the house normally.  So, when school starts, every Saturday is more special.  I look forward to the Saturdays when we have plans to do something or come up with something to do.  Sometimes they are with friends and I have a sleep in day and me time.  

9.  I also look forward to Sundays.  The girls usually don’t attend church on Sundays. Sometimes they’ll both or one of them will decide to go out of the blue.  Sundays are my favorite days to cook, relax, get things ready for the week and I am a NASCAR fan from way back.  It’s apparently football season, so I don’t enjoy hearing the game in the next room.  Nor my boyfriend flipping back and forth between games, and he still thinks the refs can hear him through the t..v screen.  These are the days I’ll enjoy an occasional movie, have eggs, bacon, gravy and biscuits for dinner.  My boyfriend works most of the time Monday through Saturday, so Sundays bring time for visitors, going to friends, relaxing with me reading and him yelling at the players and coaches.  Something about Sundays just seem peaceful and my darling girls don’t seem to argue much.  I’m not sure why, but I’m not knocking it.

10.  Pretty much my weeks aren’t planned to a T.  I’ve tried the whole routine, organized plans, thing.  I have Pinterst boards to prove how I’ll see an organizing blog, post on home decor, and DIY projects and adore them.  The only routine I can usually stick to is Flylady and other than that, I guess the chaos is part of who I am.  I’m OCD to a fault.  I want certain things a certain way rather it’s an important thing or simple.  For the most part, my chaotic life fits my chaotic mind.  I did buy a planner at the beginning of the year to keep up with what’s due, what appointments I have, and anything else I need to keep track of.  This basic calender in my purse has worked out really well for me.  I carry it in my purse along with my journal.  The journal is because no matter where I am, an idea for a poem or inspiration will come and I need to jot down a great line in my mind.  I will forget if I don’t.  Same with the calender/planner, it helps me remember things that I typically don’t remember.  This concept should have grabbed me before the age of 36, but better late than never.  I look forward to most days and though they sound routine, they are far from it. Things never get boring around here and so, I wake up, or in most cases due to insomnia, am already awake from the day before, and I look forward to see what each day may bring.  

Here are the things I generally look forward to during the weeks of the school year.  They aren’t written in stone, but it’s an ideal of life most times.  Thank you all for bearing with me as I extended each item out and let out a bit of venting.  I have a knack for babbling, or trying to keep up with the racing thoughts in my head. Head over to The Good Life and share 10 things you look forward to.