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TTofT ~ Independence Day

I meant to do this Thursday evening so my post would show up on Lizzi’s Ten Things of Thankful on time.  Time got away from me because we were leaving Friday morning at 5 a.m. to go to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  No matter how many times I have been there, I always hate going home.  They add on to attractions and there are so many, it would take forever to go through all of them.  Anyway, I’m going ahead and doing my TTofT.  I’ve slacked long enough. 


  1. I am thankful for all our soldiers whom risk their lives, the ones deceased, and the ones who have served the United States of America, trying to maintain our freedom.  I am thankful for Independence Day and the meaning behind it. 
  2. I am thankful we were able to take the girls to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and they got to experience all the history, fireworks, parades, and much more for the 4th of July.
  3. As much fun as we had, I’m thankful to be home and get some much needed rest. 
  4. I am extremely thankful that throughout Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, I was able to see several live bands and they all sounded wonderful.  I recorded my two favorites, but since my phone is new, I’m trying to figure out how to get the videos online.
  5. I am thankful that 12 years ago, come this Wednesday, I gave birth to my oldest daughter, Madison Elizabeth Viar.  She’s already gotten the “teenage attitude” which causes our personalities to clash, however, I’m very proud of the young lady she is becoming.  Smart, pretty, funny, and she takes life in stride.  I envy her this because I have always had panic attacks since around age 10 or so.  I am also thankful she doesn’t suffer from anxiety. 
  6. I can’t be thankful for one without the other.  I’m thankful that January, on a Friday the 13th in 2006, I gave birth to my youngest daughter, Olivia Ann Viar.  I always feared having more than one child.  Worrying that I could give one everything, but by having another, my oldest only gets half of everything. Worried that I wouldn’t love them both equal.  Which leads to # 7.
  7. I am grateful that as a mom, I love both my girls.  Not the same way, but they equally share my heart.  They are both growing into their own person, and my bond is different with each of them.  The wonderful thing is, I love them both so very much and looking back at my fears in 2005, while pregnant, they seem so silly now.  
  8. I am thankful their father, step-mom, 2 step-sisters, and half brother will be coming to pick the girls up and take them to their home in Jacksonville, N.C.  It’s about a 6 to 7 hour drive from where we reside, so I miss them and worry.  But it is good for them to  spend time with their father and family in Jacksonville. Plus they are going to Florida in August when he picks them up.  I have never been but definitely am planning on it. 
  9. I am thankful for the paternal PaPa for helping me and the girls any time we need it.  He works many hours, sometimes pulling a double shift and then having to go back to work in 8 hours.  But everyday he has off, he comes and picks up the girls and spend time with them.  Since my immediate family have all passed away, I’m grateful they have their PaPa, their Nana in N.C. and their great- grandparents.  
  10. I am thankful that all my loved ones had a safe holiday weekend and it seems like this year is going by too fast, just like last year.  I hope this isn’t how every year is going to be because time seems to speed up as one grows older. I always heard that at least.  So far, my aging has been generous and I’m thankful for that.  Hoping it stays that way. <knocking on wood>.

This list was easy to do and I plan on getting my post in next Friday.  ***SIDE NOTE***  I am happy to report that I went to get the link from TTofT, and the link had not closed yet!  I am so excited. I made it after all. 


Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Celebrate

“I think everybody’s weird.  We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it”  – Johnny Depp

Celebrating the gorgeous fall day at Wolf Creek Indian Village, Bastian, Virginia -October 2013

Celebrating the gorgeous fall day at Wolf Creek Indian Village, Bastian, Virginia -October 2013

Celebrating my youngest daughter's 7th birthday - January 2013

Celebrating my youngest daughter’s 7th birthday – January 2013

Celebrating the 4th of July - 2013

Celebrating the 4th of July – 2013


Left to Right - My 11 year old, Madison, my 8 year old, Olivia, their step-sister, Natelie.  Celebrating their father and step-mom's wedding - 2013

Left to Right – My 11 year old, Madison, my 8 year old, Olivia, their step-sister, Natelie. Celebrating their father and step-mom’s wedding – 2013














This post is for what is becoming my favorite prompt, Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge