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Feels Like Fall

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A man named Ed, in Montgomery County, Va. makes these pumpkins.

A man named Ed, in Montgomery County, Va. makes these pumpkins.



Cooler mornings and nights, but the days a comfortable warm.  Field trips with my girls’ school to pumpkin patches, hikes, and this year The Wolf Creek Indian Village.  Not bundled up, and not exposing much skin, comfortable clothing, and still can throw on my flip flops.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are glorious with colors. 

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Guest in Jail

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Lots of 1st that everyone goes through.   I can share my first time at our maximum security jail and my 10 day stay in December 2004.  In Virginia, 1st offense driving is a warning, 2nd time is a phone call for someone licensed to come drive you home, 3rd time, 10 mandatory days in jail. Lesson learned!! 


***Blogger’s Note***  I forgot about the 57 words or less and had a huge story to go with this.  As I said this was in 2004, lesson well learned, don’t drive on a revoked license, but I do have to say that to have a maximum security jail in this area is not only unreasonable, they honestly helped nobody by building this. Thank you.  

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Bad Hair Day or………

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2-12-2011 hairbands

My B****y Resting Face

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Maybe A Small Resemblance?

me and tori

 It was strange when a friend mentioned it.

Then a couple strangers were I worked.

This was said during her 90120 years. 

That maybe I strike a small resemblance to Tori Spelling.

Though, I can see maybe a few features.

Suppose I should be flattered.

I just have a difference in opinion as to what is considered pretty.

So, not to be to vain, but I hope the resemblances aren’t too much. 

No offense, Tori.