Street Artist

Street Artist – Pixbay The ache that settled in his kneecaps, forgotten. His artist hands steadily captured his prophetic dreams that transitioned into nightmares, depending on the happy hour drink served at some low-class bar. Tequila brought visions of the Messiah opening arms wide to welcome a drunkard home, forgiven. Jack Daniels filled his sleeping … Continue reading Street Artist

Women’s History Month 2017

March 31st, 1888 – Imagine if you can, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Julia Ward Howe, and Sojourner Truth along with other women organizing The National Council of Women of the U.S. which is the oldest American non-sectarian women’s organization. They must have felt excitement, pride, and a little fear.  It would take from 1888 … Continue reading Women’s History Month 2017

Power To Change The World   Just stumbled upon this blog and so glad I did.  Wish I had found it earlier.  Everyone should check it out.  Peace is so hard to come by in today’s hectic world.  Every small thing you touch in life makes a mark.  Letting someone know you were here before them. “Remember, each one … Continue reading Power To Change The World