28.Write your own“Best of 2019” roundup. Link to at least five books, stories, and/or essays you read this year and let us know why you loved them. Or make a YeahWriter’s day and put together a list of your favorite grid posts! 2019 – Best 5 Books I’ve Read Ryan’s life seemed perfect. His … Continue reading NaNoDoMore

An Anonymous Girl – Review

Here is a review of An Anonymous Girl that I wrote for BookishFirst.     “Thank you St. Martin’s Press for the advanced copy of An Anonymous Girl in exchange for a review! I really liked the writing style and how each chapter switched narrators without being confusing. The book dives in with Jessica working … Continue reading An Anonymous Girl – Review

Chanel Bonfire – Book Review

I was lucky enough to get a chance to read this book through Glose free. There May Be Spoilers  This story is told by Wendy, the oldest of two sisters that lean on each other to survive their mentally ill mother.  Wendy tries hard to shield her younger sister from the ugly details of their … Continue reading Chanel Bonfire – Book Review

The Beach House – James Patterson

I have to say right off…… I am not a James Patterson fan.    (Gasp) With this being said, I just finished reading his book “The BeachHouse”, and it was amazingly written, fast paced, and anything a reader could want from a book. This novel has everything from murder, drugs, death penalty, methadone clinic, pornography, … Continue reading The Beach House – James Patterson