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Wasting Money To Learn The Hard Way

  1. Beauty Control Kit to sell my own ‘make up’.  The reason this was dumb on my part is I live in a town with the population 400 where 4 other people were selling.  Spent $300 on the kit and probably made a total earning of $100, if that.
  2. Sorry Alyssa Milano, but Proactive Kit is not the smartest thing I’ve invested in.  The lovely beginning price of $19.99 sounds wonderful.  Then the very small bottles are received, days and nights are spent washing, doing the steps only to find my face wash at Wal-Mart works just as well and rubbing alcohol is in a lot of this product.  Then I receive another shipment, hand picked for me and ended up paying $60.
  3. A mustang for $400.  In my defense, this was my first car bought from a friend when I graduated high school and paid for with my hard earned Wendy’s paycheck.  So, I couldn’t complain too bad when it barely made a trip to Pigeon Forge and then the transmission came out.
  4. Anything from a Rent To Own store. I bought a computer from a local one in 2002 only to find in 2005 I was still paying for it when I could have purchased 3 at the price I ended paying.
  5. Letting any large corporation do home repairs, such as Sears putting vinyl siding on my very small home and it ended up costing $10,000.  I guess, I can use the young excuse again because I learned and now know, I can get it done by local contractors for probably $700 to $800.
  6. Expensive name brand shoes for my 2 year old daughter. She ended up looking adorable a few times in photos with her Baby Phat shoes on, only to outgrow them by Christmas. Turns out once worn, the price paid at the store does not matter to people visiting yard sales.
  7. A local flower shops Easter baskets for my god daughter, god son, and 3 year old cousin.  Once again, no kids of my own, and young.  The baskets were gorgeous.  I could have made them myself at a very small price with DIY items from Wal-Mart instead of paying $40 a piece for them. 
  8. Huge lesson learned at 18 years old about entering a poetry contest where “everyone” wins and in return for winning my poem was published in a huge book along with thousands of other poems and I paid the price of $75 to own the book.  Reading the poem submitted now may make me giggle but I still haven’t read many other poems submitted. 
  9. Any expensive product that claims to clean, work, reverse aging, make your lips fuller, ect just because of the brand of the product.  I have learned the hard way that Windex works just as well as Febreeze Window Cleaner.  My Loreal Shampoo with no sulfates works just as well any shampoo from a salon.  Even my bras and undies from Rue 21 are just as cute and well made as Victoria’s Secret. Once again, my Olay face scrub is just as good as Proactive. Great Value bleach is just as good as Clorex. You get the picture. 
  10. Be very cautious on anything that says “first 3 months free”.  I have several times had to learn that nothing is ‘free’ and there are hidden charges.  Even several years back, I worked for Dish Network.  So, I have learned when a customer service agent is telling you what a great deal you are getting, ‘if you order now’ you can get ‘such and such’ for ‘x amount of months free’ and you are saving ‘x amount of dollars’, there are always hidden charges that sales people learn how to bounce around and make the offer sound wonderful.