14 Days of Gratitude Round-Up

So the 14 Days of Gratitude Challenge is over and after each challenge Celes host, she likes us to do a round up and give an overview of what we thought about the challenge.  Here are the 5 important questions she ask: Reflect over the following questions today: How has the gratitude challenge been for … Continue reading 14 Days of Gratitude Round-Up

Day 13 and Day 14 #Gratitude

Thank about at least two mistakes you have made before which you felt bad about. They can be small or big mistakes; the point is that you felt bad over them at some point in time–perhaps at the very point when the mistakes were incurred. Identify three things you gained from each mistake. They can … Continue reading Day 13 and Day 14 #Gratitude

Day 12 of #Gratitude

I was looking over my 3 things I listed for Day 11.   So here is Day 12 of the 14 Days of  Gratitude Challenge.  I mentioned sometimes I take for granted that I have a computer an internet.  Though I don’t mind sharing these things, I also had mentioned I take my boyfriend for … Continue reading Day 12 of #Gratitude

Day 11 – Taken For Granted

3 things I take for granted:  that is the task today for the 14 Days of Gratitude Challenge.   1.  I can say that sometimes I take my boyfriend for granted.  I get used to the things he does for me and forget to tell or show him how thankful I am.  I am working … Continue reading Day 11 – Taken For Granted

Day 10 – Tipping

Reading over Celes’ 14 Days of Gratitude Challenge,  I find it interesting that in Singapore, tipping is not custom as it is here in the United States.  I haven’t had any service recently, but I can share my last service and also about me working for tips.   I worked as a bartender for our … Continue reading Day 10 – Tipping