Reno Solo

We met in a whirlwind throwing caution aside. First time your lips found mine, the planets aligned. The feeling we named love, our friends called it volatile. Like an old romantic movie, we ran to Vegas for our vows. Impulsive but it felt right. Now I’m stuck in the middle of a cyclone, traveling alone. … Continue reading Reno Solo

Greatest Love of All – B4Peace   I have always found this song “Greatest Love of All” to be a peaceful song.  Above is the you-tube link for Whitney Houston singing this amazing song.  This song was done for the Monthly Peace Challenge for Bloggers for Peace!!!     Greatest Love of All I believe the children are … Continue reading Greatest Love of All – B4Peace

Simply Moments

        This is the part where I give a kick-ass opening line, or maybe that was above.  Either way, there is no opening line.  Today is July 10th and it is exactly 4:13 am in my neck of the woods.  My oldest daughter turned 11 years old yesterday.  Her birthday party is being … Continue reading Simply Moments