Man Doesn’t Have To Be The Cruelest Animal

Connecting with others, people, pets, even nature, opens up so many different ways in which humans aren’t meant to be alone.  Companionship, relationships, even being comfortable by yourself; which is far different than feeling lonely, or being alone.  So, I have neglected both blogs horribly bad, and I seen this on Considerings.  Lizzi is an … Continue reading Man Doesn’t Have To Be The Cruelest Animal

TTofT on Memorial Weekend

1.  I am grateful to everyone who has served, still serves, and plans to serve in a branch of America’s military.  They risk their lives when they don’t have too, and even if no one agrees with everything on the political side, we in America should all be thankful for our soldiers!  2. I am thankful … Continue reading TTofT on Memorial Weekend

Nice To Be Thankful

1.   I am thankful for the new man in my life who has shown me love, made me feel appreciated, and given me hope for a brighter tomorrow. 2.   I am most definitely thankful that the weather has gotten up into the high 70’s and according to the weather report, this week is only … Continue reading Nice To Be Thankful

Easier Way – TTofT

    1.  I forgot who showed me, it was either Piper at Piper Punches or Hillary from Feeling Beachie, but they showed me when inserting a code, such as for the photo above, that on WordPress I have to go through the code and redo every quotation mark in it or the photo won’t … Continue reading Easier Way – TTofT