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Day 4 NaBloPoMo Running Too Close Into Day 5

I cannot make excuses for earlier in the day as to why I hadn’t posted as of then.  I can say by 9 p.m. I was ready to sign on and post Day 4 for NaBloPoMo at Yeah Write.  Somehow my daughter had decided Real Player Cloud wasn’t doing something right, at which time she decides to download “regular Real Player”.  The problem came from the fact Real Player is already installed on the computer. Determined though, she went ahead to try to download it again  It proceeds to tell her Real Player is already installed and if she wants the latest installment to override the 1st, she needed the administrator of the computer to type in the password.  This is the part where she comes to get me from folding laundry.  I came to check it out and simply click “no” do not continue with this installment.  However, what she did get to download without the administrator’s password was a brand new toolbar that I had never heard of and wasn’t happy with. 

I use Google Chrome and have everything synced just the way my OCD self likes it.  So, I go to the control panel and uninstall this toolbar.   Then I log her out and switch users.  Once I am logged on and click on Google Chrome, a strange toolbar appears at the top of my page.  With frustration I return to the control panel and tried to uninstall this program again.  The control panel had that this program had already been uninstalled.  I then click on my Google extensions and there was the toolbar enabled. I removed it from Chrome.  I ended up not being able to view anything so I had to do a system repair.  While waiting I fixed myself a hot pocket, was messing around with my Wandering Jew starters, and things like that.  I get back to the computer, refreshed and ready to use.  Sign on and the clock says 11:58.  I was sending a photo of my Wandering Jew to my computer to show anyone whom follows me and understands that for almost a year my Wandering Jew would not wander.  It’s been said it’s a “Stay At Home Jew Plant”. Then a good friend showed me how to create the starters, , and then once they root in the water, place them back into the pot and waalaa………………. a gorgeous thick Wandering Jew Plant.  

There’s my story………… the toolbar that was awful and photos not sending from my phone at an amazingly awesome speed, along with me not doing a post earlier anyway…….. so it is now 12:37 a.m. Eastern time and I have ran into Day 5.  I hope this doesn’t count me out on posting everyday for 30 days.  I fully intend to post Day 5 and post it at a much earlier time than I planned on posting Day 4.  Hopefully, because I began this post right at midnight, this will count as 1 day, day 4.  If it doesn’t, that’s okay too.  I still plan to participate and give 100% to NaBloPoMo.  I knew it would be a  challenge for me to post everyday, but even if some days run together, it’s a good feeling and good practice for me on writing.  Now, the photo of the month – my pride and joy – Wandering Jew Plant as of November 2013.  Also, thank you to everyone who has stopped by and thank you to everyone who has commented. I am slowly making my way around blogs,so I will get to all of yours.  

My Wandering Jew Plant as of 11-4-2013. I'm so proud.

My Wandering Jew Plant as of 11-4-2013. I’m so proud.


Day 4 Gratitude Challenge – Reflection

For Day 4 of the 14 Day Gratitude Challenge, Celes ask us to reflect on what gratitude means to us.  She ask for us to reflect on two questions and answer them.  Here are her two questions:

  1. What does the word “gratitude” mean to you?
  2. Why is it important to practice gratitude in your life? (i.e. Why practice gratitude? Why not just go “lalala” and live life as it is, taking without giving, receiving without appreciating, and simply just work on your goals without regard for others, things, and the world?)

Gratitude to me means that I am truly thankful for blessings in my life.  I forget often.  “Thank you” comes out of my mouth in habit at times.  Example: Someone keeping a door open for me to slide in to a store, ‘Thank you’ rolls out.  I’m leaving the store. “Thank you” to the cashier comes out of habit.  I believe we all do this.  Not that there is anything wrong with manners.  

I myself have worked in customer service, and besides that fact, I usually have an ability to pick up on someone’s tone.  I can tell if it’s a habit ‘thank you’ or a meaningful ‘thank you’  I don’t expect every time I hold a door for someone, for them to overflow with gratitude.  It means a lot to me when I do something for someone and they are genuinely grateful.  I try to show sincere gratitude when I feel it. 

I believe in karma and I believe firmly that people get what they put into this life.  For me practicing gratitude isn’t just to earn me some good karma.  I can say this past month, I have had some hard hits, enough to where I am mentally trying to figure out what I done to bring this upon me one day.  Gratitude and appreciation makes the person you’re showing it too feel special.  Also, we interact with people all day, but we never know what personal struggles someone else may be facing.  Just some appreciation and warmth could make their whole day better.

What I dislike is for someone to help me, and expect my undying gratitude.  To me, they are helping for show. I also don’t like someone to be fake with me either, showering me with a million ‘thank you’s’ if they don’t feel it.  There is a quote I’d like to share:

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”   William Arthur Ward

3 Things I am Thankful for Today:

Seeing my youngest daughter, 7, take her change she had been saving to Wal-Mart and pour it all into the change machine, to get back cash, a gift certificate, or make a donation.

Finally getting in touch with a business person, that I have been trying to reach for a month.

Having enough groceries to last until Friday