Feels Like Fall

      Cooler mornings and nights, but the days a comfortable warm.  Field trips with my girls’ school to pumpkin patches, hikes, and this year The Wolf Creek Indian Village.  Not bundled up, and not exposing much skin, comfortable clothing, and still can throw on my flip flops.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are glorious … Continue reading Feels Like Fall

TTofT 15.2 Didn’t Miss This Party

        I have been late to the Ten Things of Thankful over at Considerings by Lizzi.  So, I’m happy to see this week, the link is still open and I have time to post. Here we go………………. 1.  My youngest daughter, Olivia, age 7, is collecting donations for JDRF Kids Walk To … Continue reading TTofT 15.2 Didn’t Miss This Party

Fall Has Pretty Colors

    The Prompts: 1.) Something you wanted to be when you grew up. 2.) If you were to take a road trip this weekend, where would you go? 3.) 6 things you look forward to this Fall. 4.) Something you learned this week. 5.) Choose a room in your home you’d like to remodel, … Continue reading Fall Has Pretty Colors