Happy Memorial Day – Post 225

  Everyone says “Happy Memorial Day.”  I understand how commercialism has grabbed up this day too.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t part of it.  All the local swimming areas opened this weekend.  Store sales, cook-outs, this weekend has been gorgeous outside, and so in a way, it marks the beginning of summer. … Continue reading Happy Memorial Day – Post 225

Wednesday Hodgepodge – Downy

    So I missed yesterday for NaBloPoMo but I’ll do post today. 🙂  I wanted to start with Wednesday’s Hodgepodge.  I hadn’t participated on this blog much but I really enjoy it.  Here are the questions: 1. Today is my sister’s birthday (yesterday actually). What’s one way you’re like your siblings? If you don’t … Continue reading Wednesday Hodgepodge – Downy

10 Things I Look Forward To Now

I am so unorganized and sometimes catching up on blogs proves to be a challenge for me.  I love the people I meet in the blogging world though.  I have read over some great list on 10 things others are looking forward to.  I have gushed about the beautiful scenery here in the fall and … Continue reading 10 Things I Look Forward To Now

Day 6 – Nettahontas

Day 6 of the 14 Day Gratitude Challenge. This is a day to give thanks to our lives or ultimately the ones that helped give us life.  I am not highly religious but I believe there’s a Higher Power other than myself.  I love family history and knowing more about where my ancestors came from.  … Continue reading Day 6 – Nettahontas