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Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun – Time Got Away

Ah, Hilary had ask me to co-host and I was so excited, and as you can see by my fill-in for number 2, I totally had not made a post.  I apologize to Hilary!  Feeling Beachie is a favorite of mine and I do love the Follow Friday Four  Fill-In Fun.  Here are the statements and it’s a blog hop!

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. Is it really ____?
  2. I am the opposite of ____.
  3. Saying ____ is hard for me
  4.  My favorite pastime is ___because it allows me to___.

1.  Is it really the 6th day of 2014?

2. I am the opposite of responsible.

3.  Saying I’m wrong is hard for me.

4.  My favorite pastime is reading because it allows me to be pulled into another story besides my own. 

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Friday Fill-In Fun ~ Patronize Me


I feel like I’ve neglected my blogs, both of them.  It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of craziness going on.  I decided while I had a few quick moments, I would jump on here and participate in Hilary’s blog hop, Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun.  Here are the statements:

This week’s statements:
1) Help! I really _____
2) My ____ is my _____
3) I cannot wait to _____
4) The sentence has ______________ letters.

1.  Help!  I really need a vacation!!

2.  My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is my worst trait for others to deal with. 

3.  I cannot wait to find time to reorganize my photos and hope chest. 

4.  The sentence has more commas than when I write letters.

Here are my Fill-Ins.  I must confess, number 4 stumped me a bit and may not make sense to anyone reading it, because it barely makes sense to me.  Please just patronize me and hop over to Feeling Beachie and fill in your own words.   It’s a blog hop!!

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Dangled Carat – A Memoir – Interview With Hilary Grossman

hilary grossman dangled carat

Hi Hilary,

Thank you so much for agreeing to answer some questions for me about your new book!!  I read a sample from Chapter 1 of Dangled Carat, on Amazon  and now I know I must purchase it!!  I was so involved in your story, so I am dying to see what happens next.  I am a huge fan of memoirs because the writer is allowing every reader into the intimate details of their life. This is exciting for me because I follow your blog,Feeling Beachie, and have even been a co-host, participating in your blog hop, Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun.  Now, you have published a memoir, so it feels like I get to share some of the happiness with you.

My first question to you is:  What made you decide to go to New York for the writing conference BlogHer was hosting?

For as long as I can remember I wanted to write a book about my relationship with Marc.  My story, I feel, is very relatable to so many women.  Almost every girl has either dated a commitment-phobic man or has a friend who dated one.  In fact, my desire to write this book is what prompted me to start my blog. I needed some writing practice

When I heard about the Blog Her Writing Conference (turning a blog into a book) I knew, if I went, it would be the motivation I needed to try and transform my dream into a reality.  Oh, and it also didn’t hurt that I live on Long Island!

Which leads to my second question:  Has Marc been supportive of Dangled Carat because your book is including details of his life as well?

Marc has been extremely supportive and encouraging during this entire process.  He helped me select stories to include about our relationship and his life before me.  But more importantly he helped me write the one scene I completely struggled with. The sex scene.  My original draft didn’t include any S-E-X.  My editor told me that a dating / relationship book needed some sex. I knew that she was right but I struggled with putting those words on the page.  Marc helped me write that scene and told me what he thought I should include and where to end it….

But the best part? I don’t think Marc has read a book since grade school – he read Dangled Carat several times!

I’m very sorry to read about your Dad.  My grandparents raised me, and when I was 15, he had a stroke.  He lived a year and a half afterwards, but in a hospital bed at our home, being taken care of. So, I can relate to how devastating this had to be for you.  Was it emotionally difficult to take your readers back to that moment and other moments in your life?

Donetta, I am so sorry about your grandfather.. Watching someone you love suffer from a stroke is devastating…  

Yes, writing about my dad’s death was very emotionally difficult for me.  As I wrote about it , I felt like I was once again a 14 year old girl watching the man I love fade away… There were many parts of this book that as I wrote tears would stream down my face.  While it was hard to relive many of these moments it also felt good to get my feelings out – especially if my words could help someone else….  One such part was when I wrote about wearing my scoliosis brace. I actually admitted feelings and events in that scene that I never admitted in real life.  And I am glad I did.  Someone already contacted me and thanked me for sharing my feelings. Her daughter also wore a back brace when she was in high school, and after reading my words, she gained insight on her daughter’s feelings.  Like me, her daughter didn’t complain, she kept her emotions within.

I have read where some authors feel like a memoir helps them work through emotions and some authors feel the exact opposite.  What are your feelings about that?

I totally feel that a memoir helps you through your emotions and also helps make you realize what events in your life affected you the most and shaped you into the person you are.  I never put all the pieces of me together until I started writing.

Reading and listening to wonderful reviews about Dangled Carat, I feel honored you took time to answer questions I have. Have you had time to enjoy publishing Dangled Carat?

Ah… and I am honored you are interviewing me!  When you see your dream come true, how can you not enjoy? I took the week of 9/16 off from work so that I could promote and enjoy the publishing experience and I am so glad I did!  One of the side benefits of publishing my book is it has given me the opportunity to reconnect with so many people in my life that I haven’t spoken to in a while.   I totally enjoyed all my emails and Facebook messages.

Who are your favorite authors and have they had an influence on your writing?

Jen Lancaster is one of my favorite authors.  She, in a lot of ways, is responsible for Dangled Carat.  Before I read her first memoir, Bitter is the New Black, I didn’t know what a blog or a memoir was.  Now I have two blogs and have published a memoir.


Christina Baker Kline, NY Times bestselling author of Orphan Train (as well as many other equally great novels),  is my other favorite author.  She had a major impact on my writing since she was also my editor!  Christina taught me so much. Whenever I write anything (even a simple email) I hear her voice!

If you could describe your writing style in 3 words, what would they be?

Conversational, humorous and honest

Also, have you always wanted to become a published writer or did starting a blog push you in that direction?

As I mentioned before I always wanted to be a published author, but I didn’t know if I had what it took to actually accomplish that goal. I also didn’t know if anyone would be interested  in what I had to say.  That is why I started the blog, Feeling Beachie, to test the waters.  Once I started writing, I was hooked!

Do you have any advice you can share with fellow bloggers on the publishing experience?  I know so many people that have ran into scams and other problems trying to publish their work.

My advice for publishing is the same for any other business.  Surround yourself with people smarter than you, and keep an open mind so you can learn from them.  Also, trust your gut.  I had a wonderful editor, I used an amazing company – Street Light Graphics – to design my cover and format my book.   Also, don’t get easily discouraged… Rejection happens – it is a part of the process…

I know life has to be super busy for you, especially now.  How do you unwind from all of this?

I am the classic type A person… I don’t think I ever completely unwind

Are there any plans in your future for another book?

I would love to write more. In fact I have some ideas…

I appreciate your time, Hilary.  I seen on Feeling Beachie that your having a giveaway for a signed copy,  $25 Victoria Secret Gift Card, and a Sandi Rose CD!!  I’m heading to your blog now to enter and to follow up on your blog tour.  Congratulations on Dangled Carat and I’m looking forward to reading more about your friends scheming to get Marc set on a proposal and marriage. Is there anything you’d like to share or add?

Thanks so much Donetta for this interview!  I really appreciate it!  The current giveaway is one of many I have planned… so stay tuned (all will be announced on the Dangled Carat Facebook Page as well as both blogs)

***Blogger’s Side Note***  Sorry if I confused anyone.  For some reason yesterday I could not get the Interview posted into this blog no mater how hard I tried.  It was not formatted correctly and edit after edit was not fixing it.  I decided last night to give it a break and come back to it.  I finally changed blog templates, which made it worse.  Finally, I hope this post will do Hilary’s interview some justice.  I am a perfectionist at times, well…………..OCD all the time.  Please everyone go check out Dangled Carat!!!***

TTofT 16.2 – A Lot of Links

Ten Things of Thankful




Catching up over at Considerings  with Lizzi’s Ten Things of Thankful 16.2.   Loved her entry about her ‘man brain’.  So, I’m going to jump in here now……. {plop}

1.  I am thankful the Autumn weather has been gorgeous here, sliding me and the girls into Walk-A-Thons and I will be the first to say, the weather not only does something to my natural curly/frizzy hair, it changes my mood too.  Which hasn’t it been proven the sun makes people happier…………… which is what I use as an excuse in the summer to lay out.  I know healthy skin versus bad mood…. lol

2.  I am thankful to be participating in Olivia’s elementary school’s, Walk to Cure Diabetes.  There is still time to donate online to her page by going to JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.  Every dollar can help.  I know that people read about donating online until they are up to their ears in causes.  I have always participated in Relay For Life and anything like that.  I didn’t realize there was a Walk to Cure Diabetes.  I think it’s something good her school is doing.  

3.  Back in 2003, which seems like a lifetime ago, I participated in Flylady challenges online.  My oldest daughter was 1 years old and we resided in my house that I rent to someone now with the girls father.  I was surprised when I looked up Flylady about a month ago and she is still bigger than ever.  It may sound silly, but for me staying inside and doing house chores aren’t as bad when I’m following directions from a lady online everyday.  I enjoy the task. The house stays cleaner.  So, glad I found her again. 

4.  I am very excited that our fellow blogger, Hillary Grossman, published her memoir, Dangled Carat.  She took some of her time and done an interview with me.  Tune in tomorrow on here to read what wonderful answers she provided.  You may be familiar with her at Feeling Beachie.  If not, you should definitely check her blog out and her page about her memoir, Dangled Carat.  She is having a great give-away to celebrate her book.  Who doesn’t want to own a signed copy, receive a $25 gift card for Victoria Secrets, and a Sandi Rose CD??  Men, I’m sure you can find someone special to give the Victoria Secret’s gift card to.  So, everyone check it out!!  To date, I have done 3 interviews now with blog owners where I frequent because they have published their book.  Lance has now published 2.  Piper Punches published her book!  Now, Hilary!  I adored Lance’s first book, The Ballad of Helene Troy.  I was fascinated by Hilary’s book, Dangled Carat because I am a huge fan of memoirs. 

5.  I know you guys get to hear about my Wandering Jew plant often.  You’d have to understand the excitement that I actually haven’t killed a plant.  The wonderful story that goes along with the plant.  Add the fact my oldest daughter gave it to me for Mother’s Day in 2011 as just a cutting in a cup of water.  I am happy to announce it has grown everywhere.  I am now going to invest in a sturdy hanging pot.  I’ll probably share photos maybe Wednesday for Wordless Wednesday.  

6.  I am thankful for all the support I received from you guys back in July when I was having to kick my tenant out of my grandmother’s home for damages.  It was rough.  I say my grandmother’s house but the fact is the house was the first my grandparents bought together, I grew up in it and lived there up until 2010.  Then of course, just moving around a curve, into my boyfriend’s late grandmother’s home.  My grandmother put the home in my name in 1999.  I feel funny at time saying ‘my house’ still though.  Anyway, it being my boyfriend’s step sister has caused some tension.  However, I am happy to say, I finally have a new tenant residing there as of a few weeks ago.  It will be her and her 24 year old son.  The house looks great already.  Painting the walls, and her sister is into home decor and has a knack for making things beautiful.  Her sister actually done my flowers and coordinated my wedding when I was 18 years old. Gorgeous wedding. Too bad it was with the wrong guy.  sigh.

7.  I’m thankful I have gained a few more followers at my poetry blog on Blogger, My Constant Thoughts.  This blog automatically sends my new post to Twitter.  I suppose I do a lot of different things with this blog, such as this post now, interviews, and other things.  I love both blogs.  My Constant Thoughts is my baby though.  I never shared my poetry much even with close friends.  Then I joined Google+, a poetry community, and opened the blog.  It’s like bearing my soul open.  I even explained to Hilary during the interview that I try to keep Facebook separate from my blogs.  I opened Facebook out of boredom in 2010.  The thing is, honestly on my friends list, I would say over 200 know me in my everyday life.  For some reason, I don’t want them reading my poems.  I will direct them to this one sometimes.  I feel like some will over analyze my poems.  Moving on. 

8.   I am just thankful right now that the bills are paid.  Money has been tight as it sometimes get.  Which, I’m not rich, but we always have enough for things we need and sometimes things we want.   I read all those blogs on saving back emergency funds.  I have to say, I have no problem saving money.  I also spend more than I should.  So, I’m having to stay away from online stores and keep in mind that as fast as this year is flying by, Christmas will be here soon.  I have been a stay at home mom since 2007.  I am job searching at the moment.  Wish me luck.  There are several places that are hiring for seasonal work due to the holidays.  I’m honestly crossing my fingers for Michael’s Arts and Crafts. 🙂 

9.  I am thankful for time spent with my daughters a couple days ago.  I have a scrap book that I have owned since before children were thought of.  I worked on it for quite awhile, then other things came along, and slowly my scrap book got put away.  Though I love my photos and have boxes of them, albums full, and some packed in my hope chest.   It was fun looking at photos of them when they were babies.  So, we made some pages featuring just them as babies, then added a photo of all 3 of us together at the mall in 2011 in a photo booth.  I head for the photo booth every time I’m at the mall. lol.  This brings me to # 10.

10.  I am thankful for my friendships.  My best friend is actually my cousin.  We have been together since diapers and living so close together the past 36 <ahem> almost 37 years, we are more like sisters.  I found a photo of us together at my 3rd birthday party and scanned it to the computer to plaster on Facebook.  I think I’ll end my Ten Things of Thankful with the photo I shared of us.  She would have been 3 years old because her birthday is in July.  My birthday is the end of November, so I was  turning 3.  That’s the lovely part of my birthday being late in the year…………I’m still 36 years old. lol.  I started kindergarten at the age of 4.  Graduated in July of 1994 at the age of 17.  It has perks. 🙂  

So, hop over to Considerings and let us know what you are thankful for………….and here are some photos. Everyone have a wonderful Sunday.  Don’t forget to come check out my interview with Hilary Grossman on here tomorrow!!!  


my 3rd birthday. our cousin, johnny, is the one up front.  sissy is the blonde. i'm the red head in the back turned around for a photo while my mom is showing me a present.

my 3rd birthday. our cousin, johnny, is the one up front. sissy is the blonde. i’m the red head in the back turned around for a photo while my mom is showing me a present.


flash forward 34 years.  sissy and i. she's still the blonde. this was for my daughter's 11 birthday in july.

flash forward 34 years. sissy and i. she’s still the blonde. this was for my daughter’s 11 birthday in july.

Dangled Carat’s Author Give-Away

The author of Dangled Carat, Hillary Grossman has a lot of great things going on.   Not only is her memoir, Dangled Carat, now published and ready for purchase, she has been having reviews and interviews happening, she is having a wonderful give-away for her new book!  You can receive a signed copy of Dangled Carat, $25 Victoria Secret gift card, and a Sandi Rose CD.  

I am fortunate enough to have had the chance to interview her.   It will be coming up Monday right here!!  Until then, enter her fantastic give-away and check out her blog tour so far!!!  Also, check out her wonderful blog, Feeling Beachie and join in on her Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun!  I’m super excited about sharing some of her answers  with everyone!!!  Enter here and go check it out for yourselves!! 

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