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Joy To The World

7 Things That Bring Me Joy…….

(I decided on doing 7 Things of Christmas that bring me joy….)



  1. I love sending out and receiving Christmas cards from family and friends during the holidays.  It’s usually how I kick off the Holiday Season! 
  2. Buying or making a new “special family” ornament to go on the tree each year. I have some that belonged to my grandma.  Some she kept I made her in school in 1981. My daughters’ ornaments from school. Each year I add to this wonderful collection. 
  3. Listening to my favorite  Holiday music while decorating the tree is always a joy. Especially Mariah Carey’s song “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”
  4. Watching Christmas movies and cartoons with my children. My two favorites being “The Christmas Story” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”
  5. I love wrapping the gifts and I have vowed for years to do a homemade Christmas gift such as DIY Body Srubs. I haven’t yet but the idea brings me joy.
  6. I am not a regular at church although I do have my own faith.  I loved being in Christmas plays as a child so I enjoy going to church to watch my children, cousins, and all the kids putting on a Christmas play for church about the birth of Christ.
  7. I love the spirit of giving and the joy of others when they receive a gift they love. The Angel Trees, the Santas at the mall, the Salvation Army making Christmas wishes come true, and the feeling of peace and goodwill towards others. This should be the sentiment all year but Christmas seems to turn the Scrooges into Saints.  




Christmas Memories

1.  I remember wanting my mom to buy me a stereo for Christmas.  Now when I say stereo, picture this being the late 80’s and stereos actually were a big size, played records on top, cassette tapes in the center, and had f.m. and a.m. radio on the front, and at the bottom, slots to hold your records/cassette tapes.  I lived with my grandparents, so when my mom arrived I was excited.  Her and my step dad carried in a large wooden hope chest, made by my step-uncle with my name carved in the center.  It was beautiful but I couldn’t hide my disappointment.  Inside the hope chest was the top part of my stereo.  Surprise to me and A for effort on being grateful.  Now, 2013, I’m sure they don’t make those stereos anymore and my hope chest is beside my computer desk now holding all my favorite memories safe. 

2.  I remember the huge Christmas catalogs from Sears arriving at our home and me looking through it at every toy I could ever imagine.  I always picked my favorite barbie I wanted to add to my collection and my favorite pretty pony.  

3.  I remember how magical it was when regular scheduled programs on the 3 channels we received were interrupted by a Christmas special, such as “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” or “Rudolph.”  The shows still come on but my girls can find them on different channels and watch them from Thanksgiving until Christmas if they want to.

4.  I was in girl scouts from 1st grade up until 8th grade.  We got to be in a couple Christmas parades in Radford, Va.  It was so much fun tossing candy to the kids watching the parade.  I also was able to be in a Christmas parade with the cheerleaders team I was on.  My voice was cracking from screaming cheers all through the town. 

5.  I remember the first year I realized once and for all that Santa was not real.   I had suspected it for some time.  This particular year, I had ask for a Barbie Dreamhouse.  I was looking for something near our building and inside waiting to be put out for trash was the box the Dreamhouse came in.  I went to my grandparents immediately to bring up the evidence. Once confirmed though, it seemed like a huge part of my childhood was over somehow. 

6.  I have fond memories of helping my granny and her sister make chocolate peanut butter balls for Christmas.  Which I haven’t had the chance to do and haven’t done in years.  I am trying to squeeze in time this year to make some with my girls. 

7.   I remember being in Christmas plays at our church.  I was in a lot of different ones but the clearest memory I have is one where I’m an angel and myself along with all the other angels wore some kind of white dress over our clothes and our wings were made from bending metal coat hangers into the shape of wings, then gluing tinsel around them.  

8.   We always had real trees for Christmas when I was growing up.  I transitioned to artificial trees after both my grandparents had deceased.  Now, I’m getting ready to put up our artificial tree with my girls.  I spotted a real tree I wanted the other day but since this tree still is fairly new, I decided to go ahead and use it one more year.

9.  I got to spend one Christmas in Nashville.  The lights were fabulous.  We took a tour of The Grand ‘Ol Opry Hotel and the decorations, lights, trees, colors, and everything was perfect.  I have gorgeous photos I need to scan. 

10.  A tradition I started when I was 18 and had just married, was to use special ornaments from my childhood and add one each year.  Though I divorced, I continued the tradition.  So, each year, my girls and I hang our special ornaments up, and we will find one for this year.  A few have been bought at the mall with our names and the date on them, some are made.  I still have a wreath I made for my granny my kindergarten year in 1981.  Now, both my girls made wreaths about the same age.  I also have ornaments from The Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Some have been carved by my best friend’s husband.  

There are my 10 Christmas memories for Monday Listicles.  

Day 12 of #Gratitude

I was looking over my 3 things I listed for Day 11.   So here is Day 12 of the 14 Days of  Gratitude Challenge.  I mentioned sometimes I take for granted that I have a computer an internet.  Though I don’t mind sharing these things, I also had mentioned I take my boyfriend for granted with little things he does.  So last night, I turned my computer off super early and simply watched a movie with my boyfriend while my daughters stayed with friends.  He appreciated the time together and so did I.  I thought a lot about taking simple things for granted and had an idea pop into my head for Christmas.  

In 2011, my oldest daughter brought me home from school a Wandering Jew plant for Mother’s Day.  It is becoming fuller and beautiful.  I decided for my boyfriend’s mother and for his sister-n-law, I’m getting some cute pots and I already have starters in a vase that are sprouting roots.  I normally put these back into my plant to keep it thick looking.  I’m going to plant these starters in new pots and give them to his mother and sister-n-law because they adore my plant, and it’s a gift that keeps growing.  

3 things I’m thankful for today:  It’s Labor Day weekend, so the girls and I will have an extra day to sleep in.  I’m thankful that after going on 3 weeks, they are still enjoying school.  I am also grateful for the moderate weather, not to cold and not too hot.      What are you grateful for??