TTofT ~ Fake It Til You Make It

It seems hard at times to find the “thankful” when I feel more like saying, “No thanks!!!” to life.   As they always tell people in N.A. groups, even if you used, come to the meetings and practice sobriety, a “fake it til you make it” type of mantra.  So, I’ll apply that here today. … Continue reading TTofT ~ Fake It Til You Make It

TTOT – Little Things

      1.  I should start this post with the fact I am so thankful I have managed to link up to Lizzi’s Ten Things of Thankful.  I’ve been out of touch too long.  Had a couple of deaths to deal with that came within two weeks of one another.  I would start to … Continue reading TTOT – Little Things

10 First Noticeable Things

Wow. My own list is a bit harder than I thought.  Here we go though:   1.  I notice someone’s hair usually first.   I have grown up with naturally curly/frizzy hair and until after high school, I always wished it was straight.  Also, since I was young and seen the movie Red Sonja,  I … Continue reading 10 First Noticeable Things

Happy 100th. Listicles Rocks!

HAPPY 100TH TO MONDAY LISTICLES!!!!   SO HERE ARE THE TOP 10 REASONS I LOVE MONDAY LISTICLES:  1.   Gives me different topics to think about and sometimes coming up with 10 is a challenge. 2.  Fun to write out my list, read other’s list, and meet great people. 3.  Since Monday’s seem to bum … Continue reading Happy 100th. Listicles Rocks!