Rushing Life

    Departing in a rush ’tis the season for hurrying  so I have no time to decipher our last minute kiss. The budding questions of romance, the first kiss lingering, wonder filled, hopeful, and lasting. Even now as I open gifts, enjoying family and friends, I have forgotten the reasons for running back into … Continue reading Rushing Life

TTofT ~ Fake It Til You Make It

It seems hard at times to find the “thankful” when I feel more like saying, “No thanks!!!” to life.   As they always tell people in N.A. groups, even if you used, come to the meetings and practice sobriety, a “fake it til you make it” type of mantra.  So, I’ll apply that here today. … Continue reading TTofT ~ Fake It Til You Make It

Week # 128 Fill-In Fun

It’s week # 128 at Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun at Feeling Beachie.  The statements are below.  Fill in your answers and link back to Feeling Beachie, grab the code, and spread  the love.  Here are my responses.  I’m running a little late in the week, but better late than never!!   This week’s statements: … Continue reading Week # 128 Fill-In Fun

Parrott Mountain Road

  Population three hundredand three, with homes spread out within the tallmountain. Church of God stands outproudly as the smallerMethodist church fallsbehind.Voluntary Fire Department,half my family gives theirtime, where my first birthdayparty was held, at ageeighteen, my weddingreception. Many celebrations thatDepartment has housed,so has the Church’sFellowship Hall.Crossing the two lanebridge, that used to be one lane, welcome tomy town. … Continue reading Parrott Mountain Road