Pressing Matters

  Last summer I pressed the delightful flowers you picked for me between thin paper to capture their beauty somehow. Shades of red, yellow and orange painted the leaves when fall touched the air and you pressed your body to mine as I stood slightly shaking from the cool air, or love. Winter hit hard … Continue reading Pressing Matters

Christ’s Sin

Christ in the Wilderness by Stanley Spencer Oh, Father, I have felt all. Temptation wrapping around me darker than a moonless night. Pride whispered I’d prevail. Then envy gripped my heart. I dreamed of Mary Magdalene with another lover and wrath ran through my veins. Even as I prayed, I know I’m the chosen one … Continue reading Christ’s Sin

Blog Love

The Prompts: 1. Share something your significant other recently did or said that made you smile. 2. Share a photo that captures your special Valentine(s). 3. List the top 10 blogs you’re loving most this month. 4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: Coffee 5. List your five most recent favorite things. 6. February 18th … Continue reading Blog Love


Your scrutiny makes me feel vulnerable,  my back should always be turned to you as I insecurely hug my arms around myself, trying to protect my heart from you, for you have showed me what it is to feel torn into, unsure of which way is up, and though I know it’s you who should … Continue reading Undeserving