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Pressing Matters


atonement letter

Provided by Magpie Tales

Last summer I pressed the delightful flowers you picked for me between thin paper to capture their beauty somehow.

Shades of red, yellow and orange painted the leaves when fall touched the air and you pressed your body to mine as I stood slightly shaking from the cool air, or love.

Winter hit hard and each time the snow blanketed the ground, you pressed your lips to mine.

Days are longer now as spring announces it is here to stay and the last blizzard becomes a cold memory.

Standing with my lips pressed to this letter, I find it hard to believe you are not with me. No text or chat box open will allow me to express how I feel. Now I’m frightened of what I’ve written.

Written for Magpie Tales


cesar santos

painting by Cesar Santos

Once I was told my brown tan body exiting into the bedroom in white thongs was heavenly…

Once I was told my long maroon nails softly tracing words of love on his back was the sexiest he’s ever found a woman…

Once I was told my snow white breast, head bent back, eyes half closed above his hard body was pure ecstasy…

Once I was told as he leaned behind me, naked bodies lost in magic, that he loved the small of my back as it arched to greet only him…

Once I was told wearing only my black heels that I looked like a goddess sent from hell to drive him mad…

Once I was told as my pink tongue shyly explored his body that no other woman would ever compare to me…


Written by Donetta Sifford for Magpie Tales




Christ’s Sin

christ-in-the-wilderness stanley spencer

Christ in the Wilderness by Stanley Spencer

Oh, Father, I have felt all. Temptation wrapping around me darker than a moonless night.

Pride whispered I’d prevail. Then envy gripped my heart. I dreamed of Mary Magdalene with another lover and wrath ran through my veins.

Even as I prayed, I know I’m the chosen one but for that what do I own? Greed laughed somewhere inside me as I struggled to stay sane.

Father, how can you expect me not to feel lust for the woman I saved? Am I to overlook her beauty and kind heart?

A terrible sadness has consumed me and I didn’t want to move. Gluttony took over as did sloth. Depression?

I feel what every man must feel and even in my death, they will still be simple men. This test you lay before me, I have surely failed.

As my blood sheds and I’m nailed to the cross, how can I condemn their natural feelings? Through all my pain and suffering, as my body aches, I will still gaze down into Mary’s eyes and wish I could tenderly hold her.

Written for Magpie Tales


Blog Love

The Prompts:

1. Share something your significant other recently did or said that made you smile.
2. Share a photo that captures your special Valentine(s).
3. List the top 10 blogs you’re loving most this month.
4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: Coffee
5. List your five most recent favorite things.
6. February 18th is National Drink Wine Day. How do you like your wine?

I chose number 3:  The top 10 blogs I’m loving this month in no particular order –

  1. Yeah Write –  This blog has been a favorite of mine.  The editors care about their bloggers and they have something for everyone.  They host link ups on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Then voting on Thursday.  Winners announced on Friday.  Then the weekend is for the Moonshine Grid.  They also offer a lot more. Head on over and check them out if you haven’t already. 
  2. Magpie Tales  –  This blog offers a photo prompt each Sunday for inspiration and a huge link up.  The photo’s are very unique and the writers that participate are fantastic. 
  3. Grammar Ghoul Press – Although I haven’t participated as much as I’d like on this blog, the challenges are unique and creative.  This blog offers a lot more than prompts and challenges too!
  4. Julie Zantopoulos –  This blog is new but the writer is not a new voice.  She ran The Indie Chicks for 4 years, has recently self published a book, “Shoot Down the Wendy Bird”, and is getting ready to launch a new site!  This is the perfect time to hop over to her site and get to know her.
  5. Janet Fitch’s Blog – I have been a huge fan of Janet since reading her novel “White Oleander.  Then I stumbled across her novel “Paint it Black” and she rocketed to the top of my favorite authors.  Her blog is insightful and offers a lot of writing advice to authors. 
  6. The Relative Cartographer –  I listed the blog Yeah Write up at the top.  I discovered this blog on the blog link up this week at Yeah Write.  Not only did he come in 2nd in votes for his entry, he won my heart with his story.  I have a lot of reading to do but so far this is a definite blog I love!
  7. Tess Abroad –  It just so happens that Tess also host Magpie Tales, mentioned above.  She provides the photo prompts and she writes her inspiration on her blog.  She has a man reading her work on her blog post linked to The Mag and it is amazing. 
  8. Not The Rockefellers – I have followed this blog since I first began blogging.  The writing still amazes  me.  Also, she list several blogs where people can go for writing inspiration and just the entire lay out of her blog keeps me coming back.
  9. Angela Goff –  Here is a blog I have followed for some time.  She host the VisDare prompts, where she post a photo for inspiration and you can link up to whatever you write.  The photos are unique and lots of fun!
  10. Mama Kat’s Losin It! –  Last but certainly not least is Mama Kat.  I have followed her prompts for some time now and I enjoy how creative they remain.  I love reading her take on the prompt she decides to write about.  Of course, she is the inspiration behind this post, so it goes without saying, I love her! 

There you have it.  My top 10 blogs that I love! You can hop over to Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop and link up with your prompt.  It’s fun!

Mama's Losin' It


mirror 3

a prompt from the mag

Your scrutiny makes me feel vulnerable,  my back should always be turned to you as I insecurely hug my arms around myself, trying to protect my heart from you, for you have showed me what it is to feel torn into, unsure of which way is up, and though I know it’s you who should feel afraid of losing me, it’s I who fall short on goodbyes.  I answer your promises with the slightest nod of my head, waiting on you to jerk my world out from under me, leaving me off balance and undeserving of love.

Donetta Sifford

written for Magpie Tales