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Playlist: Our Favorite Songs Of 2016 – MTV

MTV has made their playlist of their Top 100 Favorites of 2016. Music touches my soul in a deep and understanding way. Songs that make me dance, cry, laugh, smile, reminisce, and touches my emotions. 

Here is their list and before New Year’s Eve my list of Top Favorite Songs from 2016 will be on here. So stick around for some heart to heart songs and feel free to share with me your favorite music from this year! It’ll be fun! 


Johnny Depp Says Actors Who Try to Be Rock Stars Are “Sickening”

Johnny Depp Says Actors Who Try to Be Rock Stars Are “Sickening”.















Interview Magazine’s interview with Madonna is one of the more interesting interviews that I have read in last month or two.  I suppose from being a huge Madonna fan in the early 80’s before I attended high school, when tape cassettes had taken over the vinyl record world and songs like “Papa Don’t Preach” and “Like a Virgin” were considered controversial, I’m a bit biased about her work and impact.  Although, I’m not sure anyone can deny the impact she had over pop culture.

Legend, Dick Clark, from American Bandstand had Madonna on his show in 1984.  Already well known, and getting ready to shoot to superstardom, Madonna said “she wanted to rule the world.”  I believe she has done just that in the music, fashion, art, and entertainment world.  I believe if Michael Jackson can be called the King of Pop, Madonna has earned the title, “Queen of Pop.”

Fire and Brimstone Servings

On 58th and Broadway,

wind blowing, snow whirling,

I opened my guitar case.

Ringing rhythm of hot jazz and blues.

Playing songs with fire,  brimstone servings.

Christsake, my family, they were long gone.

Came across country, straight out of Chicago.

Hell, racing through smoky towns.

Eastbound, mind fixed on hidden interest.

Lines used from Bob Dylan’s Chronicles: Volume 1

Pages 3 through 8

Written for Found Poetry Review’s Poetry Prompt

Thankful because……

Ten Things of Thankful






This is for Considerings, Ten Things of Thankful. 


1.   Thankful that my oldest daughter wants to help with dishes in a minute.  Very cool. She volunteered!!

2.   Thankful I’m getting a Chiwawa puppy in 3 weeks.

3.   Thankful for all the people I have met through blogging.  I have met some people whom I considered friends and I’m honored they allow me to be in their life. 

4.  Thankful for music I just discovered.  I love any genre of music as long as it makes me feel something.  Apparently, this is not new music, but I hadn’t heard it before and this is the new album.  The National singing ‘Graceless’.  It touches my soul.

5.  Thankful that both children are still enjoying school even though it’s going on the 3rd week.

6.  Thankful because an idea popped in my head yesterday.  I think I have shown photos on here of the Wandering Jew plant my oldest daughter gave me for Mother’s Day in 2011.  It is growing wonderfully, which is a surprise because I normally don’t have a green thumb.  My idea was to take some of my starters that I was getting ready to plant back into my pot, and get two pots to get them started new.  Then by Christmas they should be a decent size and I am giving one to my boyfriend’s mother and one to his sister-n-law.  I know they will appreciate the thought as well as the beauty of the plant. 

7.   Thankful it’s Labor Day weekend so the girls and I both have an extra day to sleep in.

8.   Thankful I have gotten back into yoga and meditation.  It really does the mind and body good.

9.   Thankful the Vans tennis shoes I ordered the girls a week before school started finally came in Tuesday so they could wear them to school.

10.  Thankful today has been a stress free day, though I haven’t done much of anything. 

There are my 10 Things of Thankful.  Hop over to Considerings and link up 10 things you are thankful for.