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Singing Soul



Art by Vincent Giarrano


She turns up the volume

to avoid voices in her head.

Memories of small-town life,

rocking on her daddy’s knee,

are enough to tear her apart.

Strumming her guitar, singing

that comes from deep within.

It’s the only time she feels

human, forgiven, and content.


This was written for Photo Challenge # 257 at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie




Eminem & Ed – River



This is the link to watch the interview and read about how Ed Sheeran sent off his music and song lyrics to Eminem’s manager, thinking he wasn’t going to hear back.  He did in fact hear back and their song, River, which has appeared on Eminem’s newest album, Revival, is one of my favorites! I’ve been an Eminem fan since his 1st album with Dr. Dre producing came out. His album caught a lot of flack over his political views, his choice of artist to feature on tracks, (Ex: Ed Sheeran) and some say the old Eminem is missed. 

Eminem anticipated as much and responded to critics with a mixed version of Chloraseptic ft 2 Chainz. He addresses critics and he apparently was aiming this diss to a former D12 member. This mix proves he can be as comical, vulgar, and ruthless as he wants to be. He  showed the doubters that the younger Eminem was still around but on his album Revival, he is showing a more grown-up side to himself and his music. 

What is ironic to me is the fact that this not the 1st time Eminem has brought politics into his music. Throughout his career he has rapped about Bush, war, and the younger generation standing up to the government. His song White America dealt with the president. Another song, Mosh, was kept off of radio stations. He has rapped about President Bill Clinton receiving oral sex while in office. He’s made no apology for any political position. On the BET Awards show, Eminem freestyled a song to President Trump, highlighting Trump’s remarks about “liking his war heroes not captured.” He rapped about the President’s ties with white supremacists, building a wall, and dividing the country. I think the shock was the ending, in which Eminem stated that anyone that was for Trump, was no fan of his. Or rather, he didn’t want them as fans. So before this turns into a political post, I will end with saying this:  I love the depth of this song dedicated to an aborted child and it shoes Eminem has grown as an artist since the days of “Slim Shady.” 

Playlist: Our Favorite Songs Of 2016 – MTV

MTV has made their playlist of their Top 100 Favorites of 2016. Music touches my soul in a deep and understanding way. Songs that make me dance, cry, laugh, smile, reminisce, and touches my emotions. 

Here is their list and before New Year’s Eve my list of Top Favorite Songs from 2016 will be on here. So stick around for some heart to heart songs and feel free to share with me your favorite music from this year! It’ll be fun! 

Johnny Depp Says Actors Who Try to Be Rock Stars Are “Sickening”

Johnny Depp Says Actors Who Try to Be Rock Stars Are “Sickening”.















Interview Magazine’s interview with Madonna is one of the more interesting interviews that I have read in last month or two.  I suppose from being a huge Madonna fan in the early 80’s before I attended high school, when tape cassettes had taken over the vinyl record world and songs like “Papa Don’t Preach” and “Like a Virgin” were considered controversial, I’m a bit biased about her work and impact.  Although, I’m not sure anyone can deny the impact she had over pop culture.

Legend, Dick Clark, from American Bandstand had Madonna on his show in 1984.  Already well known, and getting ready to shoot to superstardom, Madonna said “she wanted to rule the world.”  I believe she has done just that in the music, fashion, art, and entertainment world.  I believe if Michael Jackson can be called the King of Pop, Madonna has earned the title, “Queen of Pop.”