7 Survival Tips

The Prompts: 1.) Write about a sleepover that did not go as planned 2.) Polar freeze or highest temps your state has seen…what would you rather? 3.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: football 4.) List 7 ways to survive a power outage. 5.) Write a post in just 12 lines. Power outages … Continue reading 7 Survival Tips

Earth Day 2014 – Today and Everyday

    It is Earth Day, 2014.  44 years ago, before I was born in ’76, people started a movement that I don’t think they imagined growing this large.  I live in the Appalachian Mountains in a small, retired coal mining town named Parrott after the owner of the coal mine company, John H. Parrott. … Continue reading Earth Day 2014 – Today and Everyday

10 Reasons My Town’s Cool

I have been meaning to catch up on Monday Listicles and finally I have gotten around to it!  This weeks list is…………… 10 Things I Love About My Town. 1.   I love tanning and lounging around on hot summer days at the river that runs through my small town.  What amazes me is not … Continue reading 10 Reasons My Town’s Cool