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What I Love About Blogs

This is one of the things I love about blogs;  Randomly finding a cool blog on pure accident while reading or linking to another blog.  It just happened within the past hour.  I successfully linked my TTofT to Considerings, and surprisingly enough, I was high up on the list.  Going by blogger etiquette and because it’s fun, I randomly chose a blog to read from TTofT………….Another Clean Slate.  Going to this blog led me to Getting Fit & Fab in 2013.  

As it goes, this blog caught my eye right away, and I ended up joining a give-away from another blog. $100 given to someone for her 30 birthday.  Sounds good to me.  So, I’m new to Getting Fit & Fab.  Well, if you just read my ramblings, I suppose you could see, I actually just found it.  The newest post is called October Daily: Day 11.  I don’t see where it’s a blog hop.  I did decide to go ahead and take the incentive to answer the question ask and link it back to Renee’s blog.  

Day 11 question:  “What are the things you love to do during rainy day?  List them down!!    i am very ocd, however, so i’m going to go with the question number and list 11 things i love to do during rainy days>

Snuggle up in my fuzziest, softest blanket and lose myself in a marvelous book.  I have said before, I don’t watch a lot of t.v. but when it’s rainy outside, I enjoy watching a good movie or channel surfing just to see what shows everyone on Facebook is talking about.  I adore a fresh box of crayons and coloring book.  ocd  thing> I buy my girls both their own box of crayons and coloring books, and keep mine separate.  I have a thing where I start at the beginning and color each page, even if I don’t like the picture.  I never skip ahead. Since this is a habit I’ve had since childhood, I don’t see me at 36 years old, changing my ways.  I’m not selfish though.  They get a new box more often than me and if they need a color and I have it, I will share.  .    I love trying to get in touch with my inner creativity.  Even if I need a friend’s insight on how to redecorate a room, once I’m on to something, it’s great.  I love scrap booking my photos almost as much as I love taking them.  I like to pick something that needs organized and fix it while it’s wet outside. Example: my desk drawers, my hope chest, bills.  Then there are some rainy days that I have no motivation to do anything more than sleep. Snuggling with my girls and listening to music.  Some rainy days have been spent playing Candy Crush, Pet Saga, Song Pop, and PaPa Pear Saga on Facebook.  I practice writing poetry or go back over one of my favorite poets and decipher why I love the author or a poem in general.  My favorite is Mary Karr and her poetry book Viper Rum.  Lovely poems filled with questions, becoming a teenager in the 70’s, drugs, death, and Heaven or Hell.    I am in need of another book.  The last one I read was ‘The Great Gatsby’. Playing board or card games with my daughters. My oldest has picked up on Chess rather well and my youngest is growing out of her ‘Old Maid’ stage and sometimes will give up ‘Go Fish’ for a quick game of Rummy. 

Lets see if I went over 11 things:  Good book, Good movie/Channel surfing, Coloring with girls, Creative things like home decor, Writing poetry, Playing games on Facebook, Board or card games with my girls, Sleeping, Organizing desk drawers, Scrap booking my photos, Snuggling with girls while listening to music.

Wow, there it is.  A list of 11 things I love to do in no certain order.


TTofT #19 I Made It

Ten Things of Thankful






Ah.  I made it this weekend to reunite with Ten Things of Thankful and realized, life sometimes just sucks, so I really need to stick to TTofT.  Even writing one a day in my paper journal.  <still love a clean sheet of paper and an awesome pen>

1.  I got to spend time with my daughters Tuesday.  Yes, I let them skip a day of school.  However, their grades are exceptional, they rarely miss days ‘just cause’ and it’s almost the end of the 1st 9 weeks.  So, since they both were in dire need of ‘Autumn/Winter is coming’ clothes, we went to the mall and shopped.  Found an awesome store for my 7 year old. It’s The Children’s Place.  I don’t know how I missed this store, but my 7 year old is built a lot like I was growing up. Slim and no hips to hold her jeans up but long legs so a size that may fit her waist, will look like ‘high waters’.  This store had clothes that looked amazing on her!

2.  This weekend is the Newbern Festival that I’ve mentioned a trillion times on here so far since the end of August.  It’s an all weekend Fall Festival where an entire street is closed off, booths are every where with gorgeous homemade items, the people who live on the street are friendly and some have garage sales. Talk about the right timing.  Food, ice cream, funnel cakes, the historic museum is open, a re-enactment of the Civil War battle that took place there, pony rides, face paintings, bluegrass music band live, and they can be heard almost anywhere along the street.  My favorite part is heading back to the vehicle to leave, and stopping by a local farmer’s home to buy the girls’ pumpkins.  He grows some huge, some tiny, some fantastic, some gourds.   The cool thing is, he is local.  Right now I’m very much on a ‘screw the Wal-Mart Supercenters’ kick. 

3.  I’m a little saddened that my oldest daughter won’t be with us tomorrow.  She was invited a month ago to head to Carowinds, the cool amusement park in N.C.  I love it there too.  Though I haven’t been in years.  In fact, last time I was there, they had recently put in their stand-up roller coaster, if that tells ya it’s been awhile. I’m thankful she gets to go though.  She’s been once but was much younger and I know she’ll enjoy herself. I’m considering waiting until Sunday to attend the festival, so she can go.  But, Sunday is when the booths start packing up, the band starts shutting down, and the actors in the Civil War battle stay on the ground too long, scaring children who think they are dead, for real. 

4.  I’m very thankful for the wonderful, mild weather.  Not too hot, not too cold, just perfect.  

5.  I’m thankful that the mountains here are starting to change colors and I cannot wait to take a stroll or ride and just stop every where to snap some photos.   I actually have a photo of me in the fall of 2000, when my best friend and I started making this a tradition of sorts.  Our grannies had passed away on the same day that year, who both raised us ironically enough.  They passed away September 12th, 2000 so the photos were a way of passing time.  

Me in my hometown, October 2000.

Me in my hometown, October 2000.

6.  I read everyday tips on organizing, decor, storage, ect.  I love the idea of being organized and super creative with decor.  I love the idea of having a budget.  I am thankful that for months now I have poured over articles, printed out list, tried to stick to a routine, and I finally realized, I’m just not organized. I can be creative with something to go by.  Budget………..ummm……….. I have picked up on one small saving tip.  That’s when I balance my checkbook, to round up or down.  Example if I have $30.36 in my checking and I subtract $10, I leave off the $0.36.  Or if I make a direct deposit of $40.25, I’ll only add the $40.  It’s tricking my mind into leaving some change in there.  I just began, so more on this later.  I think the hard part will be when my statement comes via email, and my mind will see what my balance is.  Kinda hard to trick my mind like that. lol

7.  I am thankful that out of all the articles I have went through, I did pick up on a wonderful tip that I’m sure everyone in the world knows about…………..but I just discovered, vinegar cleans almost anything! lol

8.  I am impatiently waiting for my samples of Perfectly Posh skin products.  Patience is a virtue I lack, and sensitive skin or at least on my face is tiring.  This product is supposed to be wonderful at balancing  out dry/oily skin, not breaking out sensitive skin, and lots of other good things.  If I enjoy the product and can stand by what it represents, then I think I may start selling it on the side.  I have sold Beauti Control products which was mostly make-up but had other products like cleansers, toners………….this was 2003.  Business was rather good.  I remember being excited that a lady I met on AOL Blogs way back, lived in N.Y. and she frequently visited my website of Beauti Control and became a very reliable customer.  Wish I could remember her name.  

9.  Happy I bought some black nail polish while at the mall and Justin Timberlake’s C.D. ‘The 20/20 Experience’.  I like all the songs,some more than others.  The nail polish, I go through stages on and off where I will have my nails professionally done.  Then after about 4 months of having to go get refills, and they frankly start being more of a hassle, I usually end up soaking them off myself in fingernail polish remover, then go a few weeks having to file my nails and the thick ‘fake parts’ off.  Then I keep them clipped short.   For some reason black looks very well on my short fingernails, and somewhat fat fingers.  So, until next time I decide my manicure needs extra, I’m content.

10.  I’m thankful I had time to write out my Ten Things of Thankful.  Glad I remembered to head over to Considerings.  I enjoy taking time out to share little things and I hope this one is a valid ‘thankful’.  It isn’t a cop out because I couldn’t decide on a 10th thing to share.  I truly am glad I remembered.  

What are you most thankful for this week?  Link up at Lizzi’s and share!!

TTofT 16.2 – A Lot of Links

Ten Things of Thankful




Catching up over at Considerings  with Lizzi’s Ten Things of Thankful 16.2.   Loved her entry about her ‘man brain’.  So, I’m going to jump in here now……. {plop}

1.  I am thankful the Autumn weather has been gorgeous here, sliding me and the girls into Walk-A-Thons and I will be the first to say, the weather not only does something to my natural curly/frizzy hair, it changes my mood too.  Which hasn’t it been proven the sun makes people happier…………… which is what I use as an excuse in the summer to lay out.  I know healthy skin versus bad mood…. lol

2.  I am thankful to be participating in Olivia’s elementary school’s, Walk to Cure Diabetes.  There is still time to donate online to her page by going to JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.  Every dollar can help.  I know that people read about donating online until they are up to their ears in causes.  I have always participated in Relay For Life and anything like that.  I didn’t realize there was a Walk to Cure Diabetes.  I think it’s something good her school is doing.  

3.  Back in 2003, which seems like a lifetime ago, I participated in Flylady challenges online.  My oldest daughter was 1 years old and we resided in my house that I rent to someone now with the girls father.  I was surprised when I looked up Flylady about a month ago and she is still bigger than ever.  It may sound silly, but for me staying inside and doing house chores aren’t as bad when I’m following directions from a lady online everyday.  I enjoy the task. The house stays cleaner.  So, glad I found her again. 

4.  I am very excited that our fellow blogger, Hillary Grossman, published her memoir, Dangled Carat.  She took some of her time and done an interview with me.  Tune in tomorrow on here to read what wonderful answers she provided.  You may be familiar with her at Feeling Beachie.  If not, you should definitely check her blog out and her page about her memoir, Dangled Carat.  She is having a great give-away to celebrate her book.  Who doesn’t want to own a signed copy, receive a $25 gift card for Victoria Secrets, and a Sandi Rose CD??  Men, I’m sure you can find someone special to give the Victoria Secret’s gift card to.  So, everyone check it out!!  To date, I have done 3 interviews now with blog owners where I frequent because they have published their book.  Lance has now published 2.  Piper Punches published her book!  Now, Hilary!  I adored Lance’s first book, The Ballad of Helene Troy.  I was fascinated by Hilary’s book, Dangled Carat because I am a huge fan of memoirs. 

5.  I know you guys get to hear about my Wandering Jew plant often.  You’d have to understand the excitement that I actually haven’t killed a plant.  The wonderful story that goes along with the plant.  Add the fact my oldest daughter gave it to me for Mother’s Day in 2011 as just a cutting in a cup of water.  I am happy to announce it has grown everywhere.  I am now going to invest in a sturdy hanging pot.  I’ll probably share photos maybe Wednesday for Wordless Wednesday.  

6.  I am thankful for all the support I received from you guys back in July when I was having to kick my tenant out of my grandmother’s home for damages.  It was rough.  I say my grandmother’s house but the fact is the house was the first my grandparents bought together, I grew up in it and lived there up until 2010.  Then of course, just moving around a curve, into my boyfriend’s late grandmother’s home.  My grandmother put the home in my name in 1999.  I feel funny at time saying ‘my house’ still though.  Anyway, it being my boyfriend’s step sister has caused some tension.  However, I am happy to say, I finally have a new tenant residing there as of a few weeks ago.  It will be her and her 24 year old son.  The house looks great already.  Painting the walls, and her sister is into home decor and has a knack for making things beautiful.  Her sister actually done my flowers and coordinated my wedding when I was 18 years old. Gorgeous wedding. Too bad it was with the wrong guy.  sigh.

7.  I’m thankful I have gained a few more followers at my poetry blog on Blogger, My Constant Thoughts.  This blog automatically sends my new post to Twitter.  I suppose I do a lot of different things with this blog, such as this post now, interviews, and other things.  I love both blogs.  My Constant Thoughts is my baby though.  I never shared my poetry much even with close friends.  Then I joined Google+, a poetry community, and opened the blog.  It’s like bearing my soul open.  I even explained to Hilary during the interview that I try to keep Facebook separate from my blogs.  I opened Facebook out of boredom in 2010.  The thing is, honestly on my friends list, I would say over 200 know me in my everyday life.  For some reason, I don’t want them reading my poems.  I will direct them to this one sometimes.  I feel like some will over analyze my poems.  Moving on. 

8.   I am just thankful right now that the bills are paid.  Money has been tight as it sometimes get.  Which, I’m not rich, but we always have enough for things we need and sometimes things we want.   I read all those blogs on saving back emergency funds.  I have to say, I have no problem saving money.  I also spend more than I should.  So, I’m having to stay away from online stores and keep in mind that as fast as this year is flying by, Christmas will be here soon.  I have been a stay at home mom since 2007.  I am job searching at the moment.  Wish me luck.  There are several places that are hiring for seasonal work due to the holidays.  I’m honestly crossing my fingers for Michael’s Arts and Crafts. 🙂 

9.  I am thankful for time spent with my daughters a couple days ago.  I have a scrap book that I have owned since before children were thought of.  I worked on it for quite awhile, then other things came along, and slowly my scrap book got put away.  Though I love my photos and have boxes of them, albums full, and some packed in my hope chest.   It was fun looking at photos of them when they were babies.  So, we made some pages featuring just them as babies, then added a photo of all 3 of us together at the mall in 2011 in a photo booth.  I head for the photo booth every time I’m at the mall. lol.  This brings me to # 10.

10.  I am thankful for my friendships.  My best friend is actually my cousin.  We have been together since diapers and living so close together the past 36 <ahem> almost 37 years, we are more like sisters.  I found a photo of us together at my 3rd birthday party and scanned it to the computer to plaster on Facebook.  I think I’ll end my Ten Things of Thankful with the photo I shared of us.  She would have been 3 years old because her birthday is in July.  My birthday is the end of November, so I was  turning 3.  That’s the lovely part of my birthday being late in the year…………I’m still 36 years old. lol.  I started kindergarten at the age of 4.  Graduated in July of 1994 at the age of 17.  It has perks. 🙂  

So, hop over to Considerings and let us know what you are thankful for………….and here are some photos. Everyone have a wonderful Sunday.  Don’t forget to come check out my interview with Hilary Grossman on here tomorrow!!!  


my 3rd birthday. our cousin, johnny, is the one up front.  sissy is the blonde. i'm the red head in the back turned around for a photo while my mom is showing me a present.

my 3rd birthday. our cousin, johnny, is the one up front. sissy is the blonde. i’m the red head in the back turned around for a photo while my mom is showing me a present.


flash forward 34 years.  sissy and i. she's still the blonde. this was for my daughter's 11 birthday in july.

flash forward 34 years. sissy and i. she’s still the blonde. this was for my daughter’s 11 birthday in july.

Fall Has Pretty Colors

Mama's Losin' It



The Prompts:

1.) Something you wanted to be when you grew up.
2.) If you were to take a road trip this weekend, where would you go?
3.) 6 things you look forward to this Fall.
4.) Something you learned this week.
5.) Choose a room in your home you’d like to remodel, create a Pinterest inspiration board for it and share your ideas with us!


I decided to go with number 3 – 6 things I’m looking forward to this Fall.   

1.  The gorgeous views in my small town.  Here are some photos from last Fall.  I adore my photos. 

This is when you are driving into my hometown.  It's named Parrott after the man who owned the coal mining company back in the day, John H. Parrott.

This is when you are driving into my hometown. It’s named Parrott after the man who owned the coal mining company back in the day, John H. Parrott.

This is at my daughters' paternal great grandparents' farm.  It's in the joining town, don't blink an eye, this is the view of my hometown.

This is at my daughters’ paternal great grandparents’ farm. It’s in the joining town, don’t blink an eye, this is the view of my hometown.

What happens to be my favorite place in the summer, the river,also is my favorite place in the fall.  The view of these mountains are in the ;next county over, Montgomery County, home to VA. Tech.

What happens to be my favorite place in the summer, the river,also is my favorite place in the fall. The view of these mountains are in the ;next county over, Montgomery County, home to VA. Tech.

2.  In October every Fall, the town of Newbern, Va.  holds a Fall Festival.  They close the entire street down and there are craft booths everywhere.  Crafts, food, drinks, pumpkin patches, horse rides, a lot of history, the museum is opened to the public, bluegrass music playing all along the walk, a small reenactment of the battle during the Civil War that was in that area, and people whom live on the street usually have yard/garage sales.  It’s a great time.  I always leave with the only two things I collect;  a candle or two and a couple of magnets homemade.  The girls get their pumpkins there as we are leaving.  Here is a photo of my  god-daughter and I last year when we first arrived. 

Newbern Festival - October 2012

Newbern Festival – October 2012

3.  The elementary school that my daughters’ attend, or at least my youngest as my oldest daughter began middle school this year, have a October Fun Fest every year at the school.  I always end up volunteering to run one of the game booths. They also have food, drinks, games where the children win tickets and can trade them in for a  prize.  They also have several cake walks, raffle off prizes, and bingo is a huge deal there. I love it. 

4.  There are a lot of hiking trails in the area.  The New River Trail is probably one of the better known ones as it expands across a lot of counties.  Last year, my oldest daughter’s 5th grade class went on a field trip for an 8 mile hike.  We began in the county we live in, Pulaski County, and went from there, through Draper, and came out at the next county Hiwasee.  The entire trail expands about 57 miles or better.  Many things to see along the trail.  The 8 miles last year on the field trip was as far as I have been on the trail. Here is a photo I took from a point on one of the bridges. 

Just one of the many photos I took along the trail. The mountains are gorgeous here in the Fall. October - 2012

Just one of the many photos I took along the trail. The mountains are gorgeous here in the Fall. October – 2012


5.  For the past 3 years, we have had a family reunion around the end of September.  It’s held in Tazewell, VA.  which is going into West Va.  It’s held at Lake Witten which is a beautiful lake.  I’ve only been 3 times so far, coming up, number 4.  My god-daughter and my children love the paddle boats.  I do too.  Last year, my oldest daughter rode in the paddle boat with my god-daughter because they both could paddle while putting my then 6 year old with me, assuming they could paddle the lake and back to the dock before me and Olivia.  That’s until, my oldest daughter, Madison and my god-daughter, Trina, age 21 last year, start disagreeing about who should steer, who should paddle for awhile because one was tired, and about anything else they could bicker about.  Yes, my god-daughter is now 22 and my oldest daughter is now 11, but them two can bicker to the point of annoyance.  Safe to say, I showed my youngest, Olivia, how to hold the steering handle so I could lean back and use all my leg muscles to paddle.  We won. Well, that depends on how you look at it, because my 35 year old legs were sore for days. Maybe a tiny bit out of shape. 🙂  Of course, another photo. 

My Olivia and I smiling at our victory.  She is the one who acts more like me.  Madison acts more like her father. Sigh.

My Olivia and I smiling at our victory. She is the one who acts more like me. Madison acts more like her father. Sigh.

6.  I guess from the first 5 favorites of Fall, you can tell I love to hike and love my photos! I have collections of family photos that belonged to my great grandmother.  For school and general safety,  they send home an assignment for the children to work out an escape route in case of a fire and the meeting place to get a head count.  I have been going over the escape route since my oldest began preschool in 2006, the year her sister was born.  Now they are old enough to understand clearly that God forbid, we have a house fire, I don’t want to see either one at the meeting place without an album in hand.  The dog should even have one in his mouth.   errr…………. got sidetracked for a moment, sorry.  Since, I love walks in the Fall, and the cool crisp mountain air in the Fall,  then of course I look forward to Halloween.  I also love candy.  We go around our small hometown first and they rack up before leaving Parrott.  Then we drive about 15 minutes to Dublin, in a nice subdivision where their paternal great-grandmother resides.  Every house, minus a few, on each block, every street, have huge decorations.  I am talking about lights, grave yards on the front lawn, pumpkins everywhere, all the adults dressed up, and some have haunted house garages with things that jump out at you. It’s like a huge Halloween town and the girls’ buckets overflow with candy that I end up having to give away because it’s too much.  My favorite part is coming home, going through their candy, me tasting a lot, just in case something were to be wrong, and then both girls pick out what candy they will allow my boyfriend to have.  He likes to take it with him when he’s hunting all day.  After Halloween, I don’t plan much else until Thanksgiving.  The girls and I each year also participate in the Relay For Life walk in a nearby park, it’s coming up in two weeks.  Okay, enough rambling,and I’m kinda cheating by sliding the Walk-a-Thon in there.  <<<<  blaming number 6 on insomnia, honest.

This was written for Mama Kat’s Writer Workshop.  Check it out. Lots of fun!!   






My 10 Things of Thankful #12

Ten Things of Thankful

Here is my post for Ten Things of Thankful.

1.  My printer/copier/scanner arrived today.  I have desperately needed things printed out or wanted badly to scan a photo.  Then just two days ago, I found myself needing to copy some papers.  So, yay. 


my girls and i at the mall - 2011.  been wanting to scan this for almost 2 years. lol

my girls and i at the mall – 2011. been wanting to scan this for almost 2 years. lol





2.  Thankful the sun is shining today, now if I could gather some energy before the day is over.

3.  Very thankful both of my daughters enjoyed their first week back to school.

4.  Thankful that I erased someone from my life that was only bringing me anger and stress.  It’s hard to let go of people I care about, but when their dishonesty is hurting me worse than anything they do to help, it was time to let go.

5.  Thankful for the Personal Excellence 14 Days of Gratitude Challenge, though I need to catch up somewhat. 

6.  Thankful my new anxiety medicine seems to be working.

7.  Thankful I have a new person, with no personal connections, wanting to rent my home.  

8.  Thankful for all the comments and people I have met through blogging, especially the past few weeks.

9.  Grateful some of my bills are getting caught up.

10.  Very grateful for the possibility of going back to school for the spring at a local college. 

What are you thankful for?  Hop over to Considerings and share.