My 1st Erasure Poem

[Image from Page 3 of “How to Stop Time” by Matt Haig. Most of the image has been blacked out to read: Santa Barbara years bored pleasant. Heaven with traffic. Drank wine. Going mad, panic attacks. Lived centuries. Witnessed war, revolutions. Waking up my heart going crazy. Feeling trapped inside myself. Something. Los Angeles calmed … Continue reading My 1st Erasure Poem

Christ’s Sin

Christ in the Wilderness by Stanley Spencer Oh, Father, I have felt all. Temptation wrapping around me darker than a moonless night. Pride whispered I’d prevail. Then envy gripped my heart. I dreamed of Mary Magdalene with another lover and wrath ran through my veins. Even as I prayed, I know I’m the chosen one … Continue reading Christ’s Sin