Distracted It's all an act. Can't see a future, when I'm looking back. Show the world, I don't need them. I'm fine by myself. Illusions. Created by me. You want to see through to my cold soul. Worked too damn hard to ever let that happen. Isolated. Written for: Magpie Tales


Once I was told my brown tan body exiting into the bedroom in white thongs was heavenly... Once I was told my long maroon nails softly tracing words of love on his back was the sexiest he's ever found a woman... Once I was told my snow white breast, head bent back, eyes half closed … Continue reading Once

Christ’s Sin

Christ in the Wilderness by Stanley Spencer Oh, Father, I have felt all. Temptation wrapping around me darker than a moonless night. Pride whispered I'd prevail. Then envy gripped my heart. I dreamed of Mary Magdalene with another lover and wrath ran through my veins. Even as I prayed, I know I'm the chosen one … Continue reading Christ’s Sin