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Count Down to Disaster


10.  Put off until tomorrow practicing yoga or meditation.

9.  Sleep all day.

8.  Worry about everything and anything that runs through my mind.

7.  Procrastinate on everything, important or not.

6.  Forget to look for joy in simple things.

5.  Speak unkind to my children; after all they know what to do that bothers me.

4.  Stay in my bed clothes because I have nowhere I want to go.

3.  Resent my family for trying to help me. They don’t understand.

2.  Stop taking my medication correctly. It isn’t helping obviously.

1.  Fall into despair and allow myself to ponder suicide. I am never going to be happy and I am no good to the ones I love.

0.  Blackness, darkness, misery. My countdown to my sad life.


Written for Yeah Write 391.




Time to Leave

It was the right time to leave.

Hindsight makes me a genius.

An expert in the art of sadness.

I’ve analysed the day I walked out.

Spent hours trying to decipher our love.

It was the right time to leave.

Still, it hurts just the same. 

This was a prompt for Yeah Write – Challenge # 389

The Mystic Blue Review

I recently had the pleasure of The Mystic Blue Review publishing 4 of my poems for Issue 5.  I was estatic of course.

You can click on the link above to be taken to their home page and from there, their magazine is free to download. My poems begin on page 85 although I highly recommend reading the entire journal.

My poems are:. Unhinged,  Memory’s Cliche, Twelve Steps Ahead, and Dear Josie.

Thanks for stopping by!



Poem for The Sunday Whirl

It’s been awhile since I have written in my blog.  Mostly due to doing everything from my cellphone instead of my laptop. Here is my take for the The Sunday Whirl. Maybe this will be the week to pick back up on my writing.




Losing you is still too fresh

to work through all my grief.

My eyes sting with tears

I cannot shed, shock I suppose.

Trying to gather my thoughts

so I can remember your smile

long after mine has faded away.

It’s almost like betrayal

to live my life in peace.

The autumn chill is setting in.

Wish I could fly South for winter

and never look back on Spring.

Train whistle blows in the distance.

I touch up my make-up for no one.

Beside a tree trunk, I pause,

waiting for my mind to remember

how to inhale and exhale.

Breathing has become tricky

these days with you gone.



@Donetta Sifford 9-2-2018


A Published Poem



This is the link to my poem “Barefeet and Thorns” that was published today on Ink & Voices.  I was very excited at the response time I received and the way my poem was lay out.  Any feedback is appreciated.