Reno Solo

We met in a whirlwind throwing caution aside. First time your lips found mine, the planets aligned. The feeling we named love, our friends called it volatile. Like an old romantic movie, we ran to Vegas for our vows. Impulsive but it felt right. Now I’m stuck in the middle of a cyclone, traveling alone. … Continue reading Reno Solo


Paradise became boring after listening to her husband’s voice naming the animals one by one. She wandered around Eden until she heard another speak. Cunning serpent told a story of knowledge, evil and good. His words sounded musical like a thousand angels playing their golden harps, singing. The juices of forbidden fruit beckoning her to … Continue reading Temptation


  Can you feel my heartbeating rapidly?I’m holding on to our lovewhile you’re forgetting.Music plays, we move naturally.We capture our audience,hold them in a trance.Inside I’m slowly dying.This is our last dance.You can sign autographs.I’ll be on my wayto the next stage of lifewithout you guiding me.You’ll miss this one day.Written for Yeah Write

Street Artist

Street Artist – Pixbay The ache that settled in his kneecaps, forgotten. His artist hands steadily captured his prophetic dreams that transitioned into nightmares, depending on the happy hour drink served at some low-class bar. Tequila brought visions of the Messiah opening arms wide to welcome a drunkard home, forgiven. Jack Daniels filled his sleeping … Continue reading Street Artist