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It’s Me, Not You 

I’m just going through the motions.

Void of any real emotion.

Suicide is a selfish notion that I entertain.

Hear you asking what’s the matter?

Saying how you miss my laughter.

I know the love you’re after I can’t give away.

Find myself saying words I hate like it’s me, not you.

I know I’ll miss you when it’s too late and it’ll be my loss.

Swear to you if I knew the reasons for the changes you are seeing

I’d gladly unload my heavy burdens at your feet.

Standing at the edge of nothing.

Feel my heart ripping open and I can’t stop the pain.

You will see I was haunting my life.

Untouchable, unlovable and always on the outside staring in.

Maybe tomorrow will be better and I can love you more than I ever have.

So you’ll know it was I that was sick and you can carry on when I’m gone.
Written for Yeah Write

This Place


Four in the morning, radio playing that song
Reminding me how everything went wrong
Still I can’t seem to find any reason why I should be alone
Mascara leaving black trails down my face
Explain to me how we even come to this place
Broke down, beaten, and tired of pain
How could you leave me screaming your name
Promised to love me for the rest of our days
Was my emotions just a game
My heart will never be the same
A year gone by and now it’s a crying shame
I couldn’t make you love me

Written for VisDare

*I normally don’t use rhyming in my poetry but I thought I’d play with it some. Anyone want to share your opinion…. please leave a comment.*

Compassionate Change

Compassion – noun –

a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.
How to feel compassionate for a stranger’s pain that isn’t our own is not an easy question. 
Rushing through our days, we read an article, hear the latest news, and think to ourselves, “How tragic.”
Meanwhile, the lost, damned, and jaded stay frozen in their lives. Fearing each new sunrise will bring with it more sorrow and for them no escape. They are just another headline waiting to happen. 
The New Year brings new hell to some, happiness to others. Until we get our hands dirty, there can be no change and compassion isn’t enough.
We keep moving as they stay frozen with no voice. 
Donetta Sifford

Running Through Rain

A prompt from Magpie Tales

I once thought of running
                 Away from lonely days, away from thoughts unbecoming, away from the person I am
                   I once thought rain was cleansing, as my shiny black church shoes splashed against the wet pavement
                  Once life seemed fulfilling, rain seemed gloomy on cloudy days, and I longed to be inside warming my feet near the fire
                   Running from my problems holds less charm than it once held, gracefully fixing my troubles is the trend right now.
                   Right as rain, and so on.

Donetta Sifford

My Bed


Writing Prompt

This is from Writer’s Write

“Hey girl. I know I’m comfortable. Not just in the normal way. I realize I provide comfort when your days have been so long and you need a hiding place. The world doesn’t stop turning though, as you block your eyes from the  sun with your favorite blanket. I’ll be here to bring you rest and retreat. I think you need to get up, try to enjoy or change your days. Maybe come up with a routine. Turn to me for 8 hours of sleep. Just stop sleeping life away. As much as I understand,  important people in your life worry or slip away.
Thanks for the time. Hope you can learn from my little input. Now meditate and lay down.
Love always,
Donetta’s Bed