Time to Leave

It was the right time to leave. Hindsight makes me a genius. An expert in the art of sadness. I've analysed the day I walked out. Spent hours trying to decipher our love. It was the right time to leave. Still, it hurts just the same.  This was a prompt for Yeah Write - Challenge … Continue reading Time to Leave

My Best Year Ever

The Prompts: The last time my heart melted was because… A list of 15 ideas to make this your best year yet. Write about how you would spend the perfect Snow Day. Write a blog post inspired by the word: free. Share something that you worked on this week. Share a favorite recipe you have … Continue reading My Best Year Ever


There will always be  my side,  your side ,  with the truth in between.   Oh, but the truth can be manipulated. Memories revised, facts unsaid, minds that change. It's our lies that never falter. Wrapping  us in comfort. When all else falls apart,  they cradle our heads, lull us to sleep at night.  When is … Continue reading Liars