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Count Down to Disaster


10.  Put off until tomorrow practicing yoga or meditation.

9.  Sleep all day.

8.  Worry about everything and anything that runs through my mind.

7.  Procrastinate on everything, important or not.

6.  Forget to look for joy in simple things.

5.  Speak unkind to my children; after all they know what to do that bothers me.

4.  Stay in my bed clothes because I have nowhere I want to go.

3.  Resent my family for trying to help me. They don’t understand.

2.  Stop taking my medication correctly. It isn’t helping obviously.

1.  Fall into despair and allow myself to ponder suicide. I am never going to be happy and I am no good to the ones I love.

0.  Blackness, darkness, misery. My countdown to my sad life.


Written for Yeah Write 391.



Time to Leave

It was the right time to leave.

Hindsight makes me a genius.

An expert in the art of sadness.

I’ve analysed the day I walked out.

Spent hours trying to decipher our love.

It was the right time to leave.

Still, it hurts just the same. 

This was a prompt for Yeah Write – Challenge # 389

My Best Year Ever

The Prompts:

  1. The last time my heart melted was because…
  2. A list of 15 ideas to make this your best year yet.
  3. Write about how you would spend the perfect Snow Day.
  4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: free.
  5. Share something that you worked on this week.
  6. Share a favorite recipe you have been loving


1. Meditation

2. Yoga

3. Journaling

4. Walking 

5. Working more on my goals with my Perfectly Posh business.

6. Sleeping more at night

7. Write a plan on exercise: I’m not trying to lose a lot of weight… Just be more tone and in shape.

8. This may fall in with # 7 but eating 3 meals a day and eating healthier

9. Getting my license back. 

10. Finding an inexpensive car.

11. Return to blogging on here at least every other day instead of every other month

12. Submitting more of my poetry

13. Stop procrastinating; on everything

14. Making “To Do” list and actually doing the things on the list

15.  Going to a dentist to get my teeth fixed would make this the best year ever for sure.

                       What can you list to make this your best year ever? You can link over to Mama Kat’s Losin It Writer’s Workshop. 






There will always be 

my side,  your side , 

with the truth in between. 

 Oh, but the truth can be


Memories revised, facts unsaid,

minds that change.

It’s our lies that never falter.

Wrapping  us in comfort.

When all else falls apart,

 they cradle our heads,

lull us to sleep at night. 

When is enough ever enough? 

I hear you saying, 

“I can’t recall.”

No more. I am done.

I cannot accept 

your recollection 

when you claim forgetfulness.

I’m a liar.

So are you.

I can sleep with my fable.

Written for Yeah Write

It’s Me, Not You 

I’m just going through the motions.

Void of any real emotion.

Suicide is a selfish notion that I entertain.

Hear you asking what’s the matter?

Saying how you miss my laughter.

I know the love you’re after I can’t give away.

Find myself saying words I hate like it’s me, not you.

I know I’ll miss you when it’s too late and it’ll be my loss.

Swear to you if I knew the reasons for the changes you are seeing

I’d gladly unload my heavy burdens at your feet.

Standing at the edge of nothing.

Feel my heart ripping open and I can’t stop the pain.

You will see I was haunting my life.

Untouchable, unlovable and always on the outside staring in.

Maybe tomorrow will be better and I can love you more than I ever have.

So you’ll know it was I that was sick and you can carry on when I’m gone.
Written for Yeah Write