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It Was Fun

Riding around, top down, under the sun.

Your smile, your style, you could have been the one.

It wasn’t love but it was fun.

Laughter fades, sunlight turns to rain, look what we’ve become.

Driving away, leaving me behind, it can’t be undone.

Looking back now, I see clearly somehow.

It wasn’t love but it was fun.


Written by: Donetta Sifford for Yeah Write 305


5 Problems With Social Media


The Writer's Circle

I’ve missed 8 days but I will go ahead and begin. So here’s my thoughts on problems with social media.

1.  People tune into social medias and even if they talk to family and friends everyday via social medias, they miss out on face to face interaction with others.

2.  Raising children is such a joy and scary as well. We want to protect our children from getting bullied, hanging with the wrong crowds, being used, and anything harmful. Social media makes it easy for children to be bullied sitting in their home. It’s easy to join a group or even a dating site that may lead to a dangerous situation.

3.  It’s not hard to begin to turn to social media for validation. How many people like our selfie, how many people retweeted our tweet? Did someone comment? This happens  to everyone.

4. Social media is where people get information. The days of waiting on the local news or buying a newspaper are losing popularity. This doesn’t mean the information is correct. So many sites are bogus. Then people hit share and spread false information.

5. I know progress and technology has came a long way since I was born in 1976. It’s amazing. I think people  should take a break from having everything at their fingertips. Go shopping instead of ordering it offline. Write a close friend a letter rather than an email. Maybe I’m just being sentimental.

Does anyone else believe these things are a problem or does anyone have anything to add?

My Limerick

The Prompts:

1. Something you learned in February.
2. Write a blog post inspired by the word: sleep.
3. Share a childhood story about a time you got lucky.
4. List 8 things you accomplished this week!
5. Write a Limerick!

There was an Irish girl in town

Wherever she walked, she fell down

She always had the blues

‘Til she bought new shoes

She went everywhere running around


Written for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. 

This is my first attempt to a limerick. I’m not sure I followed all the rules but I had fun writing it. Any thoughts on limericks? Feel  free to comment.

Pressing Matters


atonement letter

Provided by Magpie Tales

Last summer I pressed the delightful flowers you picked for me between thin paper to capture their beauty somehow.

Shades of red, yellow and orange painted the leaves when fall touched the air and you pressed your body to mine as I stood slightly shaking from the cool air, or love.

Winter hit hard and each time the snow blanketed the ground, you pressed your lips to mine.

Days are longer now as spring announces it is here to stay and the last blizzard becomes a cold memory.

Standing with my lips pressed to this letter, I find it hard to believe you are not with me. No text or chat box open will allow me to express how I feel. Now I’m frightened of what I’ve written.

Written for Magpie Tales


cesar santos

painting by Cesar Santos

Once I was told my brown tan body exiting into the bedroom in white thongs was heavenly…

Once I was told my long maroon nails softly tracing words of love on his back was the sexiest he’s ever found a woman…

Once I was told my snow white breast, head bent back, eyes half closed above his hard body was pure ecstasy…

Once I was told as he leaned behind me, naked bodies lost in magic, that he loved the small of my back as it arched to greet only him…

Once I was told wearing only my black heels that I looked like a goddess sent from hell to drive him mad…

Once I was told as my pink tongue shyly explored his body that no other woman would ever compare to me…


Written by Donetta Sifford for Magpie Tales