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Best Book of 2018

Hello. I have not been consistent in blogging, commenting on other’s blogs, or doing much on social media. 2018 was filled with a lot of stress. I am determined to work through this depression and procrastination to turn 2019 into a happier more productive year.

With that being said, I am jumping into a blog prompt from 1 of my favorite blogs, Mama Kat’s Losin’ It.

I chose prompt number 6: Tell us about the best book you read in 2018.

I received an advanced copy of “An Anonymous Girl” which was published January 8th 2019 by St. Martin’s Press.

An Anonymous Girl is probably the best book I read in 2018. It begins with a young woman, Jessica, who does in home make-up sessions to pay bills. When she finds a chance to earn quick cash to appear and participate in a survey on morality, given by the well known Dr. Shields, she takes it. Soon the study gets intimate and Jessica finds her morality answers may depend on her life.

It’s a fast-paced novel that left me wondering how I would have answered the questions on the survey. It dives into a #MeToo movement and mental illness. Morality is questioned and it ask what would one do for money? What are the lengths someone will go for financial reasons?

What’s your favorite book you read in 2018 and what are you reading now?

Link up over at Mama Kat’s Losin’It Writer’s Workshop! See you there!

Chanel Bonfire – Book Review


I was lucky enough to get a chance to read this book through Glose free. There May Be Spoilers  This story is told by Wendy, the oldest of two sisters that lean on each other to survive their mentally ill mother. 

Wendy tries hard to shield her younger sister from the ugly details of their mother’s life. Later, it is Robin who can stand up to their mother while Wendy tries to be the help their mother needs. 

Georgann, has an uncanny ability to manipulate people, especially her daughters and men. She has several marriages, several boyfriends, and several married boyfriends. Although Wendy and Robin live an extravagant life full of theater, top private schools, being with the popular crowd, and famous people, they learned to hold their breaths for their mother to ruin everything. 

Their mother had a “Joan Crawford – Mommie Dearest” quality of being cruel. From telling them their father didn’t want them, to announcing they had different fathers, she kept her children from feeling loved or stable. They had to deal with suicide attempts, their rooms being destroyed in the middle of the night, her drinking, and humiliation even at high school graduations. 

This book reaches into your heart and stays there long after the end. It shows us an ugly truth that not all mothers are fit and what does one do when the person they depend on tries to hit them with a car or throws a burning shirt at them? This story has glamour, humor, sadness, and tragedy rolled into one book. On a scale of 1 to 10, I definitely rate it a 10+. 

Read any good books lately that you’d recommend? Share in the comments!


Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun – Time Got Away

Ah, Hilary had ask me to co-host and I was so excited, and as you can see by my fill-in for number 2, I totally had not made a post.  I apologize to Hilary!  Feeling Beachie is a favorite of mine and I do love the Follow Friday Four  Fill-In Fun.  Here are the statements and it’s a blog hop!

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. Is it really ____?
  2. I am the opposite of ____.
  3. Saying ____ is hard for me
  4.  My favorite pastime is ___because it allows me to___.

1.  Is it really the 6th day of 2014?

2. I am the opposite of responsible.

3.  Saying I’m wrong is hard for me.

4.  My favorite pastime is reading because it allows me to be pulled into another story besides my own. 

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Piper Punches – The Waiting Room – Interview

I have had the honor of coming across Piper Punches’ Blog, Piper Punches, Author.  She actually found me on a poem I had written on my blog, My Constant Thoughts.  Her comment made me smile, so I went to check out her blog, and I am happy to announce, she agreed to do an interview with me. Not another moment wasted, here we go.

Me:  Hi Piper.  Thank you for agreeing to allow me a few questions.  Your blog intrigued me, funny faces, tendencies of being a pathological liar/storyteller, and having written a book at the age of 16.  So, at 16 years old, you have written Silent Witness? That must have been exciting and then heartbreaking losing money. Is this the reason you began procrastinating on writing another novel?

No. At 16 it was disappointing and truly heartbreaking, but it was a learning experience that has stuck with me and helped me make better decisions. After all, I was 16. Who makes great decisions at that age? For me the procrastination manifests out of self-doubt. I am constantly critiquing myself and questioning my abilities and talent. I have had to learn to write past that self-doubt. To be comfortable with the tale I am telling and believe in myself. I can’t please everyone, what matters the most is that I am comfortable and proud of the final project at the end of the day.

Me:  I completely understand that.  It’s great you took the experience at 16 and learned from it.  I, at 17, bought a poetry book, so they would publish my poem in it. It cost me $75 to buy my poem on a blank sheet of paper.  lol.  Okay,  I have heard a lot of people give the advice to write what you know.  Would you say your mother’s advice paid off? Was she supportive of your writing?

My mom has always been supportive of my writing or anything else I have chosen to do in life. Without her and my father’s early support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Writing what you know gives your story authenticity. It makes it easier to get your thoughts on paper (or the computer screen). It helps you create believable dialogue and adds to your characterization. This isn’t to say that you couldn’t use research to craft a believable and well-written novel, but writing what you know makes the process easier – at least for me.

Me:  The Waiting Room will debut soon?  Your bio said your first novel as a bona fide adult.  Do you see a huge difference as far as your style of writing now compared to when you were 16 years old?

Absolutely!  It’s less formulaic. My characters are much more three dimensional, which comes from living and learning. The human nature is riveting. It rarely follows a straight and narrow path. Whereas when I first started writing nearly 20 years ago my characters were either good or bad, now they are complex and a lot more interesting.

Me:   I love reading books where sometimes I find myself liking the one doing wrong or, I’ll start out liking a character, then based on an event in the novel, I dislike the likable one.  I have to say,  The Waiting Room sounds amazing.  Reading the description, it sounds like a thriller or mystery, full of suspense.  What genre does your novel fit under for you?

For me this novel is contemporary literature, women’s fiction. It will probably speak more to the female audience. There are twists throughout the novel, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is a thriller. It’s really more telling a story about life and death, holding onto grudges and letting go pain.  But even the sweetest characters in the book have darkness inside of them that motivates their life choices.

Me:  That sounds wonderful to me.  Reminds me of one of my favorite authors, Janet Fitch, the writer of White Oleander and Paint It Black.  Her books  aren’t  so much a thriller, but rather how you described your book.  I know , you have probably been asked this question a million times, but I’m dying to know, who are authors that inspire you?  Do you have a favorite author?

Authors that inspire me are those that can tell a story in a way that I never would have imagined possible. Some of the works I have read lately that have inspired, but also challenged me include: And the Moutains Echoes by Khaled Hosseini’s, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Up Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, The Storyteller by Ann Hithe, and Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I could actually go on and on.

I love to read. I prefer reading to watching television and have hundreds of books. But, my favorite book has to be one I have read three times (which says a lot because I don’t like to reread books) is A Fine Balance, by Rohinton Mistry. It is such a tragic, hopeless novel that unfortunately describes a way of life for so many people in the world.

Me:  That is awesome, because I watch a couple hours of television in the mornings, and it’s the re-runs of Supernatural.  I also prefer the book to the movie.  Now,  I was reading on your blog, My Big Sweet Mess, where you shared an excerpt from The Waiting Room and linked up to Writing on the Edge.  Why did you choose to link this excerpt, rather than the other excerpt on your blog, Cabin Secrets? 

Those who participate in writing prompts know that you are given a phrase, a picture, a sentence, or some other form of inspiration to create a short writing example. I wanted to give readers a taste of The Waiting Room, but quite simply, Cabin Secrets didn’t fit the prompt. I think that the Cabin Secrets excerpt is a strong example of the book, but the My Big Sweet Mess excerpt shows a softener side of the novel. I didn’t want readers to think that the entire novel would have them feeling despair. There is a strong mother-daughter element to this book and there are light and humorous parts, too. It just depends on what page you happen to be reading.

Me:  That makes perfect sense.  I was a bit confused trying to put into words the question I felt.  You answered it excellent!   If you could describe your writing style in 5 words, what words would you choose?

Unabashed, tongue-in cheek, raw, swollen, comforting. Ha! Ha! Some of those don’t sound like they go together, but I guess readers will have to read the book themselves to make that judgment.

Me:  They sound interesting though!   I appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions for me.  I have entered into your fabulous Book Lover’s Giveaway.  I see people can find you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your blog.  Do you mind sharing anywhere else you can be found?  Could you, please, tell everyone where they can purchase your debut novel, The Waiting Room?  Amazon,paperback, and so on?  I’m looking forward to purchasing and reading your novel!!  

Right now Facebook, Twitter, and my blog, www.piperpunches.com, are the best ways to stop by and say, “Hi!” Still figuring out the Google+ thing. I also have a Pinterest account: www.pinterest.com/piperpunches, but it is a work in progress. Oh, Goodreads! Can’t forget this wonderful sight. I am there, too. https://www.goodreads.com/piperpunches

The Waiting Room will be available to purchase on Amazon as a Kindle edition, paperback, and hardback. Reader’s choice! iPad users will also have the opportunity to purchase the novel from the iTunes store when it is released. I will be announcing the release date within in the next few weeks via my blog, Twitter,and Facebook so make sure your readers catch up with me online for the announcement. This is also another way to find out about pre-ordering.


There you have it guys.  Piper Punches and her debut novel, The Waiting Room.  I love reading new, fresh books, and just from the excerpts shared on her blog, I could tell I would love it and not want to put it down.  Catch up with her on the above mentioned sites.  This is a debut you don’t want to miss.  I appreciate all of my readers.  This is only the 2nd interview I have done throughout blogging.  Lance from My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog,   has his 2nd published book, fresh out, Soul To Body.  I am honored both him and Piper agreed to do an interview with me and both worked around the fact that I’m new to the entire blog/interview deal.  Keep an eye out for The Waiting Room, and go enjoy Soul To Body. Thanks!! 

Yeah Write – Review Of Viper Rum


This is for Day 30 of Yeah Write’s 31dbbb.  Today, it’s about writing a review. Not too far fetched from Day 19’s, write an opinion post.  The topics are endless on reviews a person could write.  I was reading along ideas on the page, but deep down, I knew what I would write a post about if it were a review post. My second favorite poetry book.

I found Mary Karr in a section at Wal-mart.  I adore memoirs and this seemed like a great one.  It is called; The Liar’s Club.’  Once reading this book over and over, until the pages began to look worn, I ordered her next memoir from Books-A-Million.  This one is called, Cherry.’.   Mary Karr has written at least one to two memoirs since then that I have not gotten a chance to read yet.  One of them is called, Lit’

After the first two memoirs, which were brilliant, I discovered along the way, Mary Karr also had out a few books of poetry.  I am addicted to poetry, so right away, I ordered her poetry book, ‘Viper Rum’.  I am more than astonished by this heartfelt collections of poems.  Reading her first two memoirs allowed me to understand many of her pieces more in ‘Viper Rum’.  

However, even if you haven’t read a memoir by her, I would recommend anyone picking up a copy of Rum Viper ‘.  Even if a person doesn’t write poetry, nor read it often, this book and collection has a style that can captivate any reader.  With poetry weaving in and out of each page, some speaking of her father, some her mother, and some friends,, this book is easy to relate to.  Some poems are creations of her struggles with religion, love, break-ups, and of her turning 18 years old, and embarking on a crazy ride through life, dabbling in drugs, sex, poems, and finding her way back home.

Not to spoil the book for the reader in anyway, I won’t at this moment, list my favorite poem.  That can be done next Thursday when I return to write a review on some topic I choose.  ***Note to Self*** I need to add my calender, per 31dbbb.