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Movie Characters Who Rock

This list is going to be so hard to make.  I don’t watch a lot of television and so if I begin to list them, I would start out with the Winchester Brothers, and I’m sure everyone got the point on my post about crushes.   So I am going to list my Top 10 Favorite Movie Characters.


I adore Johnny Depp in the Alice in Wonderland movie I bought my 7 year old.  He brings a tad bit more madness to the character!


John Travolta went from his Flash Dance and Grease days on to more serious characters that he plays so well.  In Broken Arrow, he is the bad guy.  Though he plays the bad guy that is stealing nukes, his character, Major Vic ‘Deak’ Deakons is funny and fearless. One of my favorite movies he has played in.


Angelina Jolie playing Gia was the first time I actually seen her in a movie and it was around 1995 on HBO.  It made me cry that such a beautiful model could die when the HIV/AIDS virus was still unknown widely.  Not only did I of course notice Angelina Jolie, but I began to do great searching into Gia Marie Carangi who was stunning and held a beauty and attitude that took her far in fashion design modeling.  Finally breaking free of her drug addiction, she still had contracted HIV and died at the age of 26.


Who didn’t just love Jessica Rabbit in the movie ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’.  With her cartoon sexy appeal, singing voice, and famous line ‘I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.’ she grew admirers everywhere.  She became one of my favorite characters.


Ariel is another cartoon character that stole my heart.  Trying to find her true love while hiding from her father.  Her collections too. I still sing the song she is singing in her cave of treasures when she is saying she has all them treasures but she wanted more in life.  ‘the girl who has everything’.


River Phoenix was one of my favorite actors since I seen him in ‘Stand By Me’.  So to see his good looking older self playing James Wright in ‘The Thing Called Love‘ was wonderful for me.  His character has been in Nashville for awhile trying to break into the music business when he sees Miranda Presley and falls in love.  With a little competition from a mutual friend Kyle, the movie is funny, sad, interesting, and a drama I loved.


Bette Midler playing C.C. Bloom in this movie about friendship, stardom, and when things are bad they are bad, when they are good they are good.  C.C. Bloom becomes a star after meeting her best friend on the beach as  children.  When her best friend goes on to have a daughter, a divorce, and then learns she is dying, comes the true test of friendship.  The ending brings tears to my eyes every time  when Bette Mildler adopts her best friends daughter and proves she isn’t the self absorbed star everyone thinks she is.


Kate Winslet was gorgeous and sophisticated playing Rose Dewitt Buckater in the hit movie Titanic and blew my mind.  I think she was a perfect Rose and reading about her persistence to be cast as the role makes me admire her even more.


Uma Thurman was fierce in Pulp Fiction playing the wife to Travolta’s boss.  Her sensual and blunt talk, then the overdosing scene were awesome.  This is one of my favorite characters of hers, though her character in Kill Bill 1 & 2 run a close 2nd as for my favorite characters.


Rambo is one of my favorite movie characters.  Sylvester Stallone played an excellent product of the war and the after effects it has on him.  Watching Rambo get captured and grabbing the radio to transmit messages and saying ‘I’m coming for you.’ and then the end after this action packed, bad ass movie when he states ‘he wants what every soldier wants, their country to love them as much as they love their country’ was so heart breaking after all the violence.  Great character, movies, and actor to play the role!

So, this is the Top 10 movie characters I listed.  Vivien Liegh in ‘Gone With the Wind’ as Scarlet O’Hara of course is one of my favorite characters, but since I had already written a post on her being a Scorpio like me, I went around to movies I love and the characters.  This was done for Monday Listicles.  Go check out the blog and add a list of you own. Next week will be the number 100 list! Exciting.