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Sign From The Gods

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What had started out as a few flurries when Judy pulled out of her driveway, was now huge, sticky flakes of snow, blinding her as she made her way from North Carolina to her parent’s home in Virginia.    All her friends and family couldn’t understand why she’d taken a job five hours away from home, and her pride wouldn’t tell them it was to get away from Paul, her ex-fiance she caught cheating on her with his new secretary.   He had agreed to let her go, move on with her life, and keep the scandal from everyone.    Now she dreaded going to the Christmas party that she had attended every year since she could remember, dreaded seeing him, hated she still felt for him, and was half tempted to use the snow as an excuse to miss the party.   As if the gods had sent her a sign, she could make out through the whitened windshield a vacant sign blinking on her side of the road.  Her car was the only one in the parking lot of a small, homey looking Inn, but she ignored her instinct, stepping inside to book a room for the night, and was pleased to see a nice built, handsome man behind the check-in desk.

Written for:  Two Shoes in Texas writing prompt Six Sentence Story.   I find myself enjoying writing these flash fiction pieces. It’s different from writing poetry and though I haven’t had much practice with anything other than poetry, I feel like I’m making good progress as far as writing 5 or 6 sentence fiction.  




Escape Plan

Six Sentence Stories/

It has become apparent that in this blog, anything goes.  Prompts I love, things on my mind, and even Wordless Wednesday.  My Constant Thoughts, my blog on Blogger is for poetry, or a form I call poetry.  There are a few exceptions to the rule, but for the most part the entire blog has been dedicated to poetry.  Now, I am going to link up to Two Shoes in Texas and try to write something passable for Six Sentence Stories.  

  Gena had Iron Maiden screaming in her ears through the head buds of her MP3 player, when her sister crawled in bed with her.  She could hear over the loud music, louder sounds of her mother and father yelling at each other, calling each other names, and she just wanted to go to sleep. She had to go to school in three hours, and there was no way they would ruin that for her. She wished Cindy was old enough to go to school with her, so she wouldn’t hear the morning bickering of hangovers talking.  She hoped Cindy would understand one day,  Gena’s education was the only power they would have.