Day 13 and Day 14 #Gratitude

Thank about at least two mistakes you have made before which you felt bad about. They can be small or big mistakes; the point is that you felt bad over them at some point in time–perhaps at the very point when the mistakes were incurred. Identify three things you gained from each mistake. They can … Continue reading Day 13 and Day 14 #Gratitude

Guest in Jail

      Lots of 1st that everyone goes through.   I can share my first time at our maximum security jail and my 10 day stay in December 2004.  In Virginia, 1st offense driving is a warning, 2nd time is a phone call for someone licensed to come drive you home, 3rd time, 10 … Continue reading Guest in Jail

Story Behind This Innocent Face

      For Mama Kat’s Writing Prompt, I chose to tell the story behind my latest Facebook profile photo.  That would be the one at the top.  Here is the story, told as shortly as possible.  I have two beautiful daughters, ages 11 and 7.  Their father and I split up in 2005, while … Continue reading Story Behind This Innocent Face

Day 1. The World Is Round.

      Since I already have a blog devoted to my poetry, or what I call poetry, I decided to set sail and journey through different styles and topics of the blogging world.  What I have picked up on this voyage is that this blog is devoted to whatever falls in my lap that … Continue reading Day 1. The World Is Round.

Claytor Lake State Park

VIRGINIA IS FOR LOVERS …………………… OR IS IT ‘MAYBE IN SOME AREAS….. OTHERS?  NOT SO MUCH’.     PERHAPS SIGNS AT THE INTERSTATE EXITS NEAR MY AREA THAT READ  ‘THIS PART OF VIRGINIA IS NOT FOR LOVERS, KEEP DRIVING.   I am being silly above.  Though we all know hidden inside a joke is a hint … Continue reading Claytor Lake State Park