TTOT – Little Things

      1.  I should start this post with the fact I am so thankful I have managed to link up to Lizzi’s Ten Things of Thankful.  I’ve been out of touch too long.  Had a couple of deaths to deal with that came within two weeks of one another.  I would start to … Continue reading TTOT – Little Things

A Peace Lily? 10 Things of Thankful

Ah!!! Maybe it is March Madness………………….. I thought I’d lost my ability on WordPress to change my font color.  After my blonde moment passed, I realized I had the “kitchen sink”  hidden.    I can not believe it is March 21 st and I have not participated in Lizzi’s Ten Things of Thankful all month. … Continue reading A Peace Lily? 10 Things of Thankful

Fall Has Pretty Colors

    The Prompts: 1.) Something you wanted to be when you grew up. 2.) If you were to take a road trip this weekend, where would you go? 3.) 6 things you look forward to this Fall. 4.) Something you learned this week. 5.) Choose a room in your home you’d like to remodel, … Continue reading Fall Has Pretty Colors

Forgetful Tweet… For A Good Cause

    It’s time again for Mama Kat’s Writing Prompt.  Here are the prompt choices:   The Prompts: 1.) Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…how is your child just like you? 2.) Find a tweet you shared last week and elaborate. 3.) List 6 phones apps you loooove. 4.) First day of school! 5.) … Continue reading Forgetful Tweet… For A Good Cause

9 and 9

Written for Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop: 1.) Your morning drive. (inspired by OKRoserock) 2.) 9 pictures. 9 words. (inspired by Bits of Bee) 3.) A time somebody got stuck. (inspired by Toulouse Confessions) 4.) The first time you ever heard your parent cuss. (inspired by Crossroads of the Heart) 5.) A quote you saw on Pinterest that inspired you. … Continue reading 9 and 9