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Day 4 NaBloPoMo Running Too Close Into Day 5

I cannot make excuses for earlier in the day as to why I hadn’t posted as of then.  I can say by 9 p.m. I was ready to sign on and post Day 4 for NaBloPoMo at Yeah Write.  Somehow my daughter had decided Real Player Cloud wasn’t doing something right, at which time she decides to download “regular Real Player”.  The problem came from the fact Real Player is already installed on the computer. Determined though, she went ahead to try to download it again  It proceeds to tell her Real Player is already installed and if she wants the latest installment to override the 1st, she needed the administrator of the computer to type in the password.  This is the part where she comes to get me from folding laundry.  I came to check it out and simply click “no” do not continue with this installment.  However, what she did get to download without the administrator’s password was a brand new toolbar that I had never heard of and wasn’t happy with. 

I use Google Chrome and have everything synced just the way my OCD self likes it.  So, I go to the control panel and uninstall this toolbar.   Then I log her out and switch users.  Once I am logged on and click on Google Chrome, a strange toolbar appears at the top of my page.  With frustration I return to the control panel and tried to uninstall this program again.  The control panel had that this program had already been uninstalled.  I then click on my Google extensions and there was the toolbar enabled. I removed it from Chrome.  I ended up not being able to view anything so I had to do a system repair.  While waiting I fixed myself a hot pocket, was messing around with my Wandering Jew starters, and things like that.  I get back to the computer, refreshed and ready to use.  Sign on and the clock says 11:58.  I was sending a photo of my Wandering Jew to my computer to show anyone whom follows me and understands that for almost a year my Wandering Jew would not wander.  It’s been said it’s a “Stay At Home Jew Plant”. Then a good friend showed me how to create the starters, , and then once they root in the water, place them back into the pot and waalaa………………. a gorgeous thick Wandering Jew Plant.  

There’s my story………… the toolbar that was awful and photos not sending from my phone at an amazingly awesome speed, along with me not doing a post earlier anyway…….. so it is now 12:37 a.m. Eastern time and I have ran into Day 5.  I hope this doesn’t count me out on posting everyday for 30 days.  I fully intend to post Day 5 and post it at a much earlier time than I planned on posting Day 4.  Hopefully, because I began this post right at midnight, this will count as 1 day, day 4.  If it doesn’t, that’s okay too.  I still plan to participate and give 100% to NaBloPoMo.  I knew it would be a  challenge for me to post everyday, but even if some days run together, it’s a good feeling and good practice for me on writing.  Now, the photo of the month – my pride and joy – Wandering Jew Plant as of November 2013.  Also, thank you to everyone who has stopped by and thank you to everyone who has commented. I am slowly making my way around blogs,so I will get to all of yours.  

My Wandering Jew Plant as of 11-4-2013. I'm so proud.

My Wandering Jew Plant as of 11-4-2013. I’m so proud.


Wordless Wednesday – Hanging Pot Perhaps

My Wandering Jew is beginning to expand!!!

My Wandering Jew is beginning to expand!!!

Day 12 of #Gratitude

I was looking over my 3 things I listed for Day 11.   So here is Day 12 of the 14 Days of  Gratitude Challenge.  I mentioned sometimes I take for granted that I have a computer an internet.  Though I don’t mind sharing these things, I also had mentioned I take my boyfriend for granted with little things he does.  So last night, I turned my computer off super early and simply watched a movie with my boyfriend while my daughters stayed with friends.  He appreciated the time together and so did I.  I thought a lot about taking simple things for granted and had an idea pop into my head for Christmas.  

In 2011, my oldest daughter brought me home from school a Wandering Jew plant for Mother’s Day.  It is becoming fuller and beautiful.  I decided for my boyfriend’s mother and for his sister-n-law, I’m getting some cute pots and I already have starters in a vase that are sprouting roots.  I normally put these back into my plant to keep it thick looking.  I’m going to plant these starters in new pots and give them to his mother and sister-n-law because they adore my plant, and it’s a gift that keeps growing.  

3 things I’m thankful for today:  It’s Labor Day weekend, so the girls and I will have an extra day to sleep in.  I’m thankful that after going on 3 weeks, they are still enjoying school.  I am also grateful for the moderate weather, not to cold and not too hot.      What are you grateful for??

Thankful because……

Ten Things of Thankful






This is for Considerings, Ten Things of Thankful. 


1.   Thankful that my oldest daughter wants to help with dishes in a minute.  Very cool. She volunteered!!

2.   Thankful I’m getting a Chiwawa puppy in 3 weeks.

3.   Thankful for all the people I have met through blogging.  I have met some people whom I considered friends and I’m honored they allow me to be in their life. 

4.  Thankful for music I just discovered.  I love any genre of music as long as it makes me feel something.  Apparently, this is not new music, but I hadn’t heard it before and this is the new album.  The National singing ‘Graceless’.  It touches my soul.

5.  Thankful that both children are still enjoying school even though it’s going on the 3rd week.

6.  Thankful because an idea popped in my head yesterday.  I think I have shown photos on here of the Wandering Jew plant my oldest daughter gave me for Mother’s Day in 2011.  It is growing wonderfully, which is a surprise because I normally don’t have a green thumb.  My idea was to take some of my starters that I was getting ready to plant back into my pot, and get two pots to get them started new.  Then by Christmas they should be a decent size and I am giving one to my boyfriend’s mother and one to his sister-n-law.  I know they will appreciate the thought as well as the beauty of the plant. 

7.   Thankful it’s Labor Day weekend so the girls and I both have an extra day to sleep in.

8.   Thankful I have gotten back into yoga and meditation.  It really does the mind and body good.

9.   Thankful the Vans tennis shoes I ordered the girls a week before school started finally came in Tuesday so they could wear them to school.

10.  Thankful today has been a stress free day, though I haven’t done much of anything. 

There are my 10 Things of Thankful.  Hop over to Considerings and link up 10 things you are thankful for. 


10 Ten’s of Thankfulness

Ten Things of Thankful

First, I’d like to say, “Huge Congrats  to Lizzi at Considerings for being published at Scary Mommy   http://www.scarymommy.com/    and for hitting number 10 on Ten Things of Thankful!!”

This week, here are my Ten Things of Thankfulness:

1.  My girls had stayed a week with their father in N.C. and arrived safely home Thursday. Yay. Much too quite around here.

2.  I am thankful that my Wandering Jew plant is growing well.  I do not have a green thumb. My oldest daughter brought this plant home from school as a present to me in 2011 for Mother’s Day.  I haven’t killed it yet. (Which, I did read up on the plant, and almost every site says it’s one of the hardest plants to kill). However, it wasn’t looking much like photos I’d seen.  My friend, April, showed me how to cut longer vines, put them in water, like it was when I received it, then replant them once they sprout their roots. It’s coming along nicely.

The not so full yet but getting there, Wandering Jew, is mine. The gorgeous full one belongs to my friend, April. This is the goal I'm working toward as far as my 'planting' skills go.

The not so full yet but getting there, Wandering Jew, is mine. The gorgeous full one belongs to my friend, April. This is the goal I’m working toward as far as my ‘planting’ skills go.

april's wandering jew - june 2013

3.  I know there are people right now that are needing and praying for water.  We have had some major flooding this summer in my area, so I am thankful the sun has shown all week and the rain let up. Hope it moved to people that need the rain.

4.  Recently, I was put on new medicine, so I gained weight rapidly.  I am thankful that I finally got some motivation to begin doing yoga again two days ago.  Not just because of weight but the peacefulness I feel afterwards, also.  I forget now why I procrastinated so long on starting back.

5.  I am thankful that my oldest daughter can handle herself with grace when having a confrontation with another child that’s also 11 years old.  They have been friends for awhile, and without going into whatever 11 year old children find to argue about, I’ll just say, this other girl chose the last night of Bible School to want to actually fist fight my daughter.  I am thankful and proud that my daughter, rather than lose her temper, pretty much laughed at the other girl, informed her she was not going to fight in church, and very maturely told the other girl to grow up. I’m not sure where this behavior comes from, because sadly enough it’s in my nature to have hit the other girl when I was that age.  The only reason I wouldn’t have done so in church is because my grandmother would have took a switch to my butt.  I am glad my daughter can handle herself better than I.

6.  I am thankful and proud of both of my girls because they also have in their nature to save their birthday money, seen papa today money, ect.  My 7 year old has been saving change in her ‘Hello Kitty’ bank for what seems like forever. Now with it full and her having to use another ‘pig bank’, she collected all her change and put it in her little purse.  She wants to go to Wal-Mart tomorrow and ‘feed’ the change to the machine that gives her back paper cash. She announced she would keep her 1’s, 5’s, ect in the ‘green pig bank’ and begin filling ‘Hello Kitty’ up again with change.

7.  I am thankful to be going to the West Virginia State Fair on Sunday. I haven’t been in years and it is so much bigger than our local county fair.  I know my girls will adore it.

8.  I am thankful that since the end of June, life has been throwing some fast curve balls, and I have been striking out.  It finally seems with the arrival of August, things are smoothing back out, which means less stress for me. This in turn means more sleep. Then, naturally more sleep leads to a much nicer mommy. lol

9.  I am thankful that I have a creative mind.  However, I lack the ability to exercise this creativity. Ex: I have in my mind and some semi-drawings of how I want rooms in the house to look. Then, I just can’t seem to match my mind to the decor.  I’m thankful I have stumbled over several blogs that have tutorials on DIY projects. So, I’m beginning to get the hang of putting my creativity into action.

10.  This last one, I’m iffy about writing.  But, I am getting sleepy and right off the top of my head, running out of thankfulness. I am thankful for this though; so without going into detail, I will just say that N.A is having a party in my honor to celebrate 3 years clean.  This means cake. Which may mean more than yoga later on. lol. It’s cake though, yum. I don’t have life as rough as some I know, and I don’t have a stress-free life either.  I am thankful those ‘One Day At A Time’ days turned into 3 years two days ago. Which leaves me with two of my favorite quotes, but I don’t know who they are by. I read them in 2005 while in a rehab center.

~I can tell you what it was like and I can tell you what it is like now but I cannot tell you how it happened~

~I still have bad days, but that’s okay. I used to have bad years~

Hop over to Considerings and list your Ten Things of Thankful #10.  Also, Monday, I have a special post lined up.  One of my favorite bloggers, Lance from http://lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog.wordpress.com/, released his second book published, yesterday!  I adored his first book, “The Ballad of Helene Troy”.  I am very excited about reading his second book, “Soul to Body”.  He has agreed to let me ask him some questions about his second book and how it feels to have published two books.  You can get the full scoop here and if you don’t want to wait until Monday to read the post here, you should hop over to his blog and check out what his book is all about. I am honored he is letting me do an interview with him, not only because I admire his writing, but also, he knows he is sorta a guinea pig for me to do a guest post about.  Still learning all these things about blogging.  I should have added to my list that I’m honored and thankful Lance agreed to an interview. It’s not really cheating if I just throw it out there, is it?