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Count Down to Disaster


10.  Put off until tomorrow practicing yoga or meditation.

9.  Sleep all day.

8.  Worry about everything and anything that runs through my mind.

7.  Procrastinate on everything, important or not.

6.  Forget to look for joy in simple things.

5.  Speak unkind to my children; after all they know what to do that bothers me.

4.  Stay in my bed clothes because I have nowhere I want to go.

3.  Resent my family for trying to help me. They don’t understand.

2.  Stop taking my medication correctly. It isn’t helping obviously.

1.  Fall into despair and allow myself to ponder suicide. I am never going to be happy and I am no good to the ones I love.

0.  Blackness, darkness, misery. My countdown to my sad life.


Written for Yeah Write 391.




Time to Leave

It was the right time to leave.

Hindsight makes me a genius.

An expert in the art of sadness.

I’ve analysed the day I walked out.

Spent hours trying to decipher our love.

It was the right time to leave.

Still, it hurts just the same. 

This was a prompt for Yeah Write – Challenge # 389

Crawl Space


Craving sanctuary, peace.
Raging war in my mind.
Always noisy, shots fired.
Whispering voices, somewhere.
Laughing, mocking television.
Static hums from the unplugged.
Peeping out the blinds, darkness.
Anxiety's cold hands squeeze my throat.
Crawlspace is cluttered with time.
Even happiness hides in winter.  

My 1st Erasure Poem

How To Stop Time

This is the excerpt I chose from “How to Stop Time” by Matt Haig


[Image from Page 3 of “How to Stop Time” by Matt Haig. Most of the image has been blacked out to read:

Santa Barbara

years bored


Heaven with traffic.

Drank wine.

Going mad,

panic attacks.

Lived centuries.

Witnessed war,


Waking up

my heart going crazy.

Feeling trapped

inside myself.


Los Angeles

calmed you.]

This is my first try at Erasure Poetry for Yeah Write.    I only use my mobile phone so I didn’t have a lot of options to black the words out. I’m not tech savvy enough to use another.


There will always be 

my side,  your side , 

with the truth in between. 

 Oh, but the truth can be


Memories revised, facts unsaid,

minds that change.

It’s our lies that never falter.

Wrapping  us in comfort.

When all else falls apart,

 they cradle our heads,

lull us to sleep at night. 

When is enough ever enough? 

I hear you saying, 

“I can’t recall.”

No more. I am done.

I cannot accept 

your recollection 

when you claim forgetfulness.

I’m a liar.

So are you.

I can sleep with my fable.

Written for Yeah Write